Text Game 2.0

Using Text, Online Dating, and Social Media to Succeed with Women

  • Do you want to text women the right way?
  • Do you want to stop getting ghosted by women over text and dating apps?
  • Do you want to be able to put less effort into texting and use it the way it was meant to be? .

how to make a girl like you over text

Texting, if done properly, can be an easy tool to help you get laid and maintain relationships with the girls in your life.

Hey guys - it's Jay.  I created Rebellious Development as a resource for no bullshit, self development for men.  A big part of a man's life is his dating life.  And I was shocked at how many men ruined their dating lives simply due to bad texting.  

I used to suck at texting!

Believe it or not, I wasn't always a stud player.  Well, I always had some player in me.  But it took a lot of effort and mistakes to get where I am today.  A big part of the game is texting.  Is it everything?  No, but bad text game will fuck up your interactions with women.  I didn't realize how much I was fucking up and turning girls off over text until I started to actively put effort into my text game and see what worked with tons of trial and error.

Before I learned how to text women, all of the following would happen:

– Women barely texted first

– The women I really wanted would flake

– Girls from dating apps seemed interested and then would ghost

I realized that I was texting women all wrong.  Text is supplementary to real life, and I would do great with women in person.  But texting requires you to adjust your game.  Especially with the hottest chicks that are in most demand.  The last thing you want to do is cockblock yourself with bad texting game.  Girls are texting all day long. With guys, other girls, across dating apps, social media, and so on.

Good texting is rare because every other guy is so thirsty and desperate.   When I figured out how to actually text women effectively, I noticed by dating life improve a lot.

Now my texting game is on point

– I know how to text girls I just met in person to get a date or get laid

– I’m able to get tons of dates and lays from texting girls from online dating apps

– I can maintain casual or serious relationships with girls through text

– I know how to balance not being too available and still giving enough to keep girlfriends chasing

This took lots of trial and error and actively learning from my mistakes.  After losing out on girls I wanted, I had to slowly develop my texting skills.  I didn't even realize texting, of all things, held me back.  

Don't miss out on girls because of bad texting

It's sad if you miss out on a girl because of your bad texting game.  And to be honest, it's stupid that you even have to have texting game in the first place.  But if you want to succeed in today's dating era, you have to adapt to how the game is played.  

Texting makes a difference:  Bad texting will cause you to miss out on girls that otherwise could've made great hook ups, casual partners, or even girlfriends.  

Bad texting - whether texting on a phone or a dating app, essentially will cause a girl to either get bored of you, think you're weird, or forget about you.  It's a constant fight for attention.  Most guys end up trying to compete directly for the girls attention with long texts, using too many emoji's, and being too available. The key to good texting is learning when to use less and when to use a little more.  That's what I have been teaching guys and that's why I'm here to help you.

Texting is the go-to-method of communication with women in today’s age

Is texting the end all be all?  

No, even with good text game you need to be good at sex, have normal social skills.  But... texting is a big part of interacting with women today.  It's a prerequisite to success.  Everything else means nothing if you keep on messing up with the common texting mistakes. 

Most men over complicate their text game and end up turning girls off.  That’s why having a solid text game will be a huge help to your dating life.

Texting + Online dating is supposed to be fun and easy

Texting women is supposed to be fun and an easy way to communicate.  With proper text game,  you can actually get women to hang out with you, go on dates, hook up, and look forward to meeting with you. Too many guys use texting to search for validation, they end up becoming just a texting buddy or worst, getting ghosted.  

Texting should't be like that.  It should be simple, and easy.  

Texting is meant to work quickly!

Texting is meant to get the attention of the girl!

Texting is supposed to get them to want to actually meet up!

Here's what you should know about texting:

  • What texting is even used for
    Texting is great, but when used for the right reason.  Texting a woman for the wrong reason will cause you to be left in the dust.
  • How most men cockblock themselves with texting
    It's sad, but most men cockblock themselves  because they don't have the texting skills needed.  Since women are so used to texting, your game needs to be on point.
  • Why texting is actually great
    Texting with women, when done the right way, actually makes your dating life a lot easier.  Having solid text game makes it easy to get dates, get laid, and maintain your relationships with women.  

This is Why I made The Go-To Guide for Texting 

Text Game 2.0

This is why I developed Text Game 2.0.  It's the 2nd edition of Text Game.   

A book that outlines the foundation of texting across online dating, phone texting, and social media.  This is going to ensure you have the right game plan and approach to texting women you just met in person, talk to on dating apps, end up having casually relationships, and even text girlfriends.  

Texting is the most important when you first meet a girl and haven't slept with her yet, as the bond isn't as established.  With high quality text game, you can maintain and grow her interest, show your value, and get time for you two to meet up.  It's still important to know how to text a woman once you start seeing her, which is why I go into this as well.

  1. 1
    Get dates: the biggest thing you're going to use texting for is meeting up with women.  In the book, I show you how to meet up quickly without seeming pushy.  
  2. 2
    Stopped getting ghosted: I get tons of emails from guys on how girls ghost them over text.  With solid text game, you'll dramatically reduce this happening.
  3. 3
    Get girls to chase you: When you actually know how to text girls correctly, they'll chase you for attention, which you can then use to get dates, sex, and affection.  

What people have said

“Great guide, helped me a lot with online dating.”

"Rebel's Text game book is a great guide, helped me a lot with online dating.   I could get matches but had trouble getting dates, girls generally would stop responding after a few exchanges.  Within a few weeks of implementing the principles and using Rebel's examples, I've been able to get more 5 dates and got laid on 3 of them.  I really like one of the girls in particular.  Would definitely recommend it."  

John S.
- United States

I've had a lot more success getting girls on dates and the girls I sleep with tend to be hitting me up now."

“I was having a hard time getting girls to meet up.  Many girls would flake on me, and even friends with benefits seemed to drop off after seeing each other 2 or 3 times.  I purchased Text Game 2.0 and after reading it I realized how many stupid mistakes I made previously.  I was scaring girls away.  I've had a lot more success getting girls on dates and the girls I sleep with tend to be hitting me up now.  Jay not only breaks down examples in detail, but gives clear rules to text women and why each one is important.  He also gives a ton of great examples on how to message women on online dating apps.  The book has been of great value to me and my dating life."

Adam N.
- Poland

Text Game 2.0

Texting women the right way is a critical part of the dating game in the modern era.  

If you want to use texting to your advantage and elevate your game, purchase Text Game 2.0.  Read the book, apply the steps, and reap the rewards.  I wrote the book conversational, easy to read, and practical so you can implement in into your game today.  

Text Game 2.0 - cover

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A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

I feel way more confident in actually getting dates and raising a girls interest with texting."

“Text Game 2.0 goes into detail with clear examples yet is straightforward and easy to follow.  I was a bit unsure of how important texting really was apart of the game.  I thought most of the girls I talked to just got busy and would forget to text me back.  But after applying what Jay discusses, I've had way better results with getting girls to text me back and actually want to meet up.  I feel way more confident in actually getting dates and raising a girls interest with texting."

Michael M.
- U.K.

Who am I?  Why buy from Rebellious Development?

Why buy a book from me, a guy you don't know?  If you've read my material, then you know I give solid, no bullshit advice when it comes to the game.  I've had all kinds of experiences with women.

  • I've been single and have dated tons of women from real life and dating apps.
  • I've maintained multiple casual relationships, not just pump and dump.  
  • And I'm also not just a ruthless player - I've had long term relationships lasting years.

I'm experienced with all different sorts of situations, from dealing with long term girlfriends to doing on multiple dates a week.  

I'm a normal guy who wanted to have a good dating life.  

I’m not just some guy obsessed with women.  True, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time chasing a few.  But I'm not a pick up artist or some guy who has time to just chase women all day long.  I'm not using pick up artist jargon or doing whatever I can to get sex or affection from women.  I'm a normal guy, and I just wanted to have beautiful women in my life.

I’ve had a full time job before, and also worked side business, while still trying to have a dating life. 

I understand the normal struggles guys go through.  We don’t all have time to be pick up artists and approach 100 women a day.  We’re not desperate for the girls we meet, but we need to have a level of efficiency so we’re utilizing our time.  That’s why I  put effort into getting all aspects of my game down.

I've put in the time and have gotten the results

I put effort into knowing how to dance and getting girls at clubs.  I put effort into being able to flirt with women in real life.  I put effort into learning how to use online dating to get matches.  

I put effort into meeting women and keeping girls coming back for more.

And I realized that while I thought texting was stupid, I needed to put effort into getting good at texting. Like many guys, I was overthinking it and fucking up my interactions with women.  So like everything else, I put in the effort and got good at texting.

Learn from my mistakes

Do you send texts that turn girls off, don’t get any responses, or cause girls to flake on you?  Does texting seem to get in the way of otherwise good connections with girls you like?

You can do the same thing and learn through trial and error. 

Or you learn from my mistakes, get texts I actually use, and save yourself some time.

Is Text Game Necessary?

Having Text Game

  • Can quickly meet up with girls you meet
  • Easy to get dates and get laid from dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and more
  • Know the right cadence to keep girls interested and not annoy them
  • Maintain relationships with girlfriends, not be the friend in your group always texting his gf
  • Have girls text you first

Not Having Text Game

  • Mess up good connections you had with girls with texts that turn them off
  • Have girls from dating apps ghost you, unmatch, or never meet up 
  • Will lead to girlfriends who fight with you over text and ruin your day
  • Will waste your time working on the perfect message only to have it ignored
  • You'll always be chasing women and never have them hitting you up.
Text Game 2.0 - cover

Here's What You'll Learn (and actually get good at)

  • What texting is used for and how most men cockblock themselves with texting.
  • Why texting is actually great is used correctly
  • Avoid the few major mistakes that will make you a better texter over night

And you'll learn things like...

  • Whether to confirm the date or not.
  • Turning potential flakes into lays.
  • How to text girls you just met in real life you haven't slept with.
  • How to text girls you met with on dating apps, from the opening, to getting their number, to getting laid.
  • Texting women you just started sleeping with to continue to raise their interest.

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Text Game 2.0 - cover

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