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The Alpha Male Traits: 5 Qualities you Need to be a Winner

The Alpha Male Traits – 5 Qualities you Need

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Adopting the alpha male traits will help you get what you want out of life.

You can be alpha in certain scenarios and beta in others.  You can’t walk into a pro mma gym with no fighting experience and be the alpha male there.  And you can be a pro fighter but walk into a business meeting and also not be the alpha.

But it’s about becoming as much of a man as you can in each major area of your life.  Which is your business/money, your relationship with women, and your physicality in social situations.

That being said, if you adopt the alpha male traits below, you’ll have a much easier time getting what you want out of life. It’s not about always being the top dog.  Because while that’s ideal, in the real world, it won’t work out that way.  Instead, it’s about being the best man you can, accomplishing shit, and feeling great about your life.  Each one of the alpha male traits will help you do just that.


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Ambition is one of the alpha male traits you need for true success.

In fact, it might be the most important.  Ambition is the driving force that cause men to do great things.  Whether it’s to build a country, start a revolution, build a business, or approach a beautiful woman.

Ambition is the cornerstone of the up and coming man.  It’s what you have when you have nothing else.  It’s the desire to win and to push forward.  When you lose your ambition, you get complacent and lose part of your raw masculinity.

But when you have it, you can be an unstoppable force.  Out of all the alpha male straits, ambition is the one that can bring you form 0 to hero over time like nothing else.  A man needs to be ambitious.  It’s why younger, hungrier men, can overcome and defeat older, more powerful men if the old guy isn’t careful.

Similar to blockbuster and Netflix.  Netflix was the ambitious young company.  Blockbuster could’ve bought them out or destroyed them early on, but they had lost their ambition.  They thought they already won and were complacent.  Now they’re out of business and Netflix is part of the culture.

Become ambitious, and many other of the alpha male traits will follow.


man figuring out purpose

To achieve success, you need focus and consistent effort.  Focus is one of the alpha male traits that you need to master.

Without it, you’ll wander aimlessly and never accomplish anything great.  But with focus, you can become a producer.  You can get shit done that you actually want to get done.  If you look at successful men, focus is part of the alpha male behavior that helps them make the leaps to greatness.

Focus comes with practice and maturity.  But you don’t have to be old to get focused.

You can create focus by having clear goal, activities to get there, and a schedule of these activities.  If you create a schedule and have the discipline to stick to it, then your focus is there.  If you can’t stick to it, then this is where you have to correct yourself.

Whether you want to

or whatever, you’ll need focus.  Combine the focus with dedication by having a strong reason for the goal in the first place. For example, you want to start a business because you want to have freedom or make six figures and build wealth.  Remind yourself of the reason, and the focus will come.


self belief - how to be a winner

Boldness is not being hesitant or fearful.  As a man taking on the world, you need a good dose of boldness.

Ideally, you have no fear.  But if you have some fear and take action without hesitation, then you’ll still become bold. Acting with hesitation can be courageous to a degree, but certainly not bold.  Boldness is a core part of the alpha male personality.  All of the great alpha males have been bold.

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Genghis Khan

And every other alpha personality you can think of.  Some bold people talk a lot, and others say less but mean more.  Either way, acting bold is essential alpha male behavior and one of the core alpha male characteristics you need.

You’ll need boldness to stand out from the pack.  Essentially, boldness is the ability to take necessary risks and be confident about the way you do it.  It’s one of the alpha male traits that is essential to call yourself an alpha in the first place.  To be a leader of men and be a top tier man, you have to be willing to do what the betas aren’t.

Taking the right risks

That means taking calculated risks.

Doesn’t mean quitting a job when you’re drowning in debt and can barely afford rent.  But it means saving up, building up a side business, and quitting so you can make your side thing into a full thing.  There’s still risk involved, ut you’re not going to be on the streets.

Being bold doesn’t mean being stupid.

It still takes boldness to start your own business.  It takes boldness to go to a dance class when you have two left feet.  And it takes boldness to step out of your comfort zone to meet the women you want to meet.

When you can embody boldness, you’re adding one of the alpha male traits that will help you to take on the world in a way that few men are willing to do.  You’ll be living life on a higher level.


how to be confident - james bond

When you’re independent, you’re really allowing yourself to be a man.

Nobody is truly independent in the real meaning of the word.  We all rely on grocery stores to provide us with food, people to build our living areas, the medical system to take care of us when we’re sick, and so on.

But being independent as you can be will allow you to speak your mind and live as a true alpha male.

You become independent by controlling your money, your dating life, and your overall lifestyle.

The best way to control your money is to be rich.  If you’re not born rich, then owning your means of money, or a business (get the trend?), is your best bet.  Once you do that, then having multiple sources of income is another way to further your independence.

In your relationships, you’re independent when you don’t need any specific women.  You can be independent when you’re seeing no one, multiple girls, or even one girl if you play your cards right.  It’s the ability to walk away from any bad relationship that allows you to be independent.  A man who’s dependent on one person for happiness can never have control over his life.

But a man who has the ability to stay or leave as he pleases is truly as independent as he can be with his relationships.


conor's self belief

Never underestimate the ability to make a decision.  Divisiveness is a trait that few men possess.  But the top CEO’s and leaders know that it’s important to make decisions and stick to them.  You can always adjust things as need be.  But you have to be able to make decisions.

With your business, with your dating life, with the life that you want to live.

How can you follow your purpose if you can’t be decisive?  You’ll never even decide what your purpose is if you can’t stick to something.

Out of all the alpha male traits, this is one you can adopt the quickest.  You can become decisive about shit overnight. Obviously you should still put thought into your decisions.

But after you allow yourself time to think about a choice, make the choice, and stick to it.

Adopting the Alpha Male Traits

Work on implementing these alpha male traits into your persona.

If you pick a purpose in life, and then apply these traits to the purpose, they’ll naturally become a part of who you are.

Here’s an example.  Your purpose is to helping people be active and live longer.  You like fitness.  So start a personal training business to help people be fit and live healthier lives. Be decisive about it and the business decisions.  Use ambition to think of how many people you can help and how you’ll make 100k after a year or two of hard work.  Be bold in getting new clients and increasing your income.  Focus on your craft.  Build it up with patience.  In time, once you have enough clients and are making good money, you’ll become independent.

These alpha male traits will carry over to your dating life and the way you interact with everyone.

Pick a different business or scenario depending on what you want to do with your life.  Again, it’s not about being the top dog in every scenario and shitting on other people.  It’s about taking control of your life, improving your well being, and increasing your happiness.


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