The Law of Polarity with Relationships and Women

The Law of Polarity with Relationships and Women

Understanding the law of polarity with relationships and women will allow you to have deep insight into your interactions with women.  When you understand this law, you understand your ability to regulate your emotions and the importance of being calm.

When it comes to laws of the universe, some people like to think women are ahead of men.  It really depends on the individual, but in general, women have strong intuition and naturally are more in line with the universe.  However, anybody can use the Law of polarity in relationships with people in general.  As a man, you can control your emotions better than the average woman.  Women can learn to do this too, but it usually takes greater discipline for them, especially in romantic / sexual relationships.

In fact using the law of polarity in relationships actually is easier for a man not because he’s more in tune with the law naturally, because he’s less in tune with it.

If you can understand the law of polarity with women, this won’t actually mean you’re using the law directly.  You’ll actually be avoiding it.

Everything has an opposite

Everything has an opposite.  Anything giving you an emotion will meet you with an event in your life to give you the reverse of that emotion.

The key to mastering the law of polarity with relationships and women is to not get too pumped up when you get what you want or see a positive sign.  With women, this means not getting too excited when you get a number, when you get a date, when you get laid, when you get a relationship.  It’s likely that if you are’t used to any of these, you will feel some type of positive emotion.

Because when you lose your cool, you then invite the opposite emotion into you life in the future.  When you remain calm, you negate the law of polarity.  So if a girl you like texts you back and she says she wants to hang, don’t get too excited.  If you have a girlfriend and she does something great for you like does your errands, you can show appreciation, but don’t get too excited.  Because if you get too happy or excited about this, then the opposite of that feeling will come into place.

Hot and Cold relationships

Have you ever had a hot and cold relationship with a woman?  This could’ve been a girlfriend or just a girl in your life for some amount of time.  She was hot, and then you were cold, and were hot, and she was cold.  One moment she loves you, the next she’s going to leave.  One moment you think she’s your world, and the next you want to run as far away from her as possible?

This is the law of polarity in relationships with women.

Even a girl you just met and had a date with.  It could seem like she really likes you.  She’s responding to you really fast and is enthusiastic.  You didn’t even care at first, but then you started to get really excited.  And the moment you started to look forward to her texts or get really excited for the date, boom she disappears.  Or she’s on the date and it’s not what you expect.  Or you’re looking forward to sex, you two have sex, and then she’s playing hard to get or loses interest?

This is the law of polarity in relationships.  The law of polarity can be seen everywhere in life, but with women is where a lot of guys really see its full impact.

When things are hot and cold, when you get excited and then disappointed, good and bad, this and that, is all reflections of the law of polarity.

If you want to stay outside the law of polarity, you must remain calm with women and in your interactions with them.

I can’t feel good? 

It’s not that you can’t feel good.  You can feel positive, powerful, and calm.

But the more extreme you feel, the more the universe will bring that opposite feeling later on.  That’s why you can always look to advance to the next stage, but never be too focused on the outcome in the moment.  This is how you also use the law of attraction t get what you want.  You expect to get what you want, but you don’t dependent on the individual person or situation.  Expectation vs entitlement is a whole different subject.  In short, being entitled is when you expect a specific person or situation, in this case a woman / relationship, to give you what you want, and when she doesn’t, you get upset or angry.

Expectation is when you expect women in general to like you or comply with you, and when one in particular doesn’t, you pay no mind.

Expect great relationships, but don’t celebrate 

The same works when you get what you want.  You can expect to get the things you want, but don’t celebrate too much when you get them.  Ideally, you don’t celebrate at all.  Again, you can be positive and have joy.  But you can be in a state of joy all the time and yet remain calm.  If you want to avoid the law of polarity to be used against you in relationships or with your dating life, you must avoid getting emotionally invested in any outcome.  Always keep your cool and always be enjoying your life whether or not a relationship is going good whether you have sex or not, whether you’re having a good date or not, etc.

If you can not base your emotions on a relationship or on a particular woman, even if you have a great girlfriend, then you can have a great relationship consistently.  Or you can have a great dating life consistently.

That way when you get the desired outcome, you don’t get too excited and therefore minimize the reverse emption or situation when it comes your way.  A lot of guys get really excited when they reach a new level with a woman they never have, or just when they get somewhere they usually don’t.  For example, getting too excited to get a date.  So I shouldn’t look forward to relationships?  You can look forward.  And in fact, you can use the law of attraction to expect good things to happen to you.

Expect good things to happen

Yes, you can and should expect good things to happen.  You can expect women to want to go on dates with you or be in relationships with you.

But when using the Law of Polarity with women, it’s important not to get too excited.  If you minimize your excitement, you’ll also minimize your disappoint, and you’ll get the results you want more consistently.

Be calm to avoid the Law of Polarity from being used against you

Always remain calm with women  and in relationships. This way you can keep advance.  The universe will keep allowing you yo advance with women in relationships because it wants you to give emotion so it can then give you the opposite.  If you refuse to give emotion, you’ll continue to rise up and do better with dating women or get a relationship, advance in the relationship, and so on.

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