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The Most Important Thing in Life (Always Remember this)


The Most Important Thing in Life (Always Remember this)

The most important thing in life is you.  Because without your life, you not only have nothing, you are nothing.

Think about this for a minute.

Whenever you stress over a relationship, or a practice, or a goal, or a situation in life, you’re putting something above yourself.  When you remember that you’re the most important thing in your life, you stress less about scenarios and circumstances.

This doesn’t mean be complacent.  You can and should take action in your life.  But always remember the most important thing in your life is you.

Not your sex life, or your money, or success, or your failures, or even your dreams.  The only reason you can have any of that at all is because you’re here.

When you keep this in your mind, you’re in a state of gratitude towards yourself.  This will raise your vibration, or in practical terms you’ll have a positive mood.  Which cannot be underplayed.

What about responsibilities, what about purpose?

Responsibilities are part of life.  You may have responsibilities to parents, children, your job, etc.

Your first Responsibility is to Yourself

But your first responsibility to yourself.  This doesn’t mean neglect your duties.  It means you first must help yourself.

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, they’ll always tell you in the case of an emergency, oxygen masks will fall down.  They tell you to place yours on yourself before you help someone else, even a child.  The reason behind this is that if you help your child first, you may pass out and die.  Which means you and the child both perish.

This is why you must first help yourself.  Your first duty is to yourself.  You can still take care of others as life calls for it.  But don’t forget that you are the most important thing in your life.  Even in the service of others you first must be able to serve them.


Your purpose is all about you.  All of our purpose is to survive and then thrive.  But whatever you decide or feel called to do specifically is still about you.  Even if you believed God is calling you to do something, you’re serving him because that’s in your best interest.  Or if you want to give back to a community or cause you believe in, that’s still about you.

Your purpose has everything to do with you.  Remembering you’re the most important thing doesn’t mean you’re going to focus on cheap pleasures and forgo your purpose.  Instead it means you can pursue your purpose with the awareness that what you’re doing still requires you.

This may seem extremely simple and it is.  But when you fail to recognize that you’re the most important thing, you can get lost in what you deemed as your purpose and neglect your mental, physical or spiritual well being.  The only reason your purpose is important is you.  If you’re not here, you can’t have a purpose.

A purpose a beautiful thing to create for yourself.  It can give a whole new meaning to your life.  But just remember that your purpose is to survive and then thrive.  Which means you taking care of you.  Whatever you deemed as your specific purpose (xyz business, a specific cause, etc.) can only be pursued because you’re here.  You’re still the cornerstone of your life.

The purpose you create for yourself is a tool you create for your own well being and growth.

So life is just about me?

It’s not that life is just about you, but you must first prioritize yourself.

If you prioritize your well being… your spiritual, physical, and mental health first, then you’re good.  From there you can decide to serve others in whatever capacity you can, or to pursue what you want to pursue.

Life is about being involved with everything around you.  However, first you must take care of yourself.  When you try to get involved with everything and you haven’t take care of yourself, you get into bad relationships, work you hate, and you make bad decisions in general.

In order to make clear decisions, to have the best life for yourself and those around you, you must always remember that you’re the most important thing.

Relationships with women, money you’ve made or want to make, status, feeling of success, are all parts of life that we can enjoy.  But these are just things that come and go.  What doesn’t come and go is you.  Well, technically even you come and go.  But in your life, the only thing you truly have, no matter what, is you.  As long as you’re alive you’re the only guaranteed constant.

Guys write to me with questions or concerns around various topics, often times something to do with:

  • Experience with women
  • # Days they’ve been retaining
  • Money they want to make

And all of these can be real struggles in a man’s life depending on where he is.  However, most of the time these guys are placing something else (a woman doing this or that, days of retention, needing more money) above themselves.  Of course money is a real need in this world.  But your problems with women, with retention, and with money will only be amplified when you forget you’re the most important thing in your life.

When you remember you’re the most important thing in your life, most of your relationship problems will disappear.  You’ll be able to practice semen retention without placing your self esteem on the # of days you’ve been retaining.  Instead you can enjoy the benefits of semen retention (whether long-term or relaxed retention), and you can also enjoy the benefits of relationships with women, without being attached to the outcomes.

Shouldn’t money be important?

Yes, money is important in our modern society.  I’m telling you to quit your job just yet.

But it’s not money for money’s sake.  Money isn’t valuable because it’s validating.  That’s how most guys look at it.  Then they obsess over getting it or having it build up and up.

It’s valuable because it gives you freedom.  Money is only important because it grants you freedom.  The money isn’t what defines you.  It’s just the tool that enables you.

Never forget 

In the end, in the beginning, and throughout the whole journey, you are the most important thing.  Always remember that, and you will have be able to live in a way that’s logical, peaceful, and happy.


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Antony Mandiri
Antony Mandiri
1 year ago

Great article
I was really neglecting myself.
Im inspired

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