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The Player Mindset – How to think like a player

The Player Mindset

the player mindset

The player mindset was given to us by none other than the late player supreme, aka Chris Arnett.  Which you can watch here:

I got a lot of my game and knowledge of the world from player supreme.  And while my game isn’t exactly like his, the vast majority of his principles and teachings have been successfully applied to my life.  His contribution to the game reflects in my words and in the voices of many red pillars, dating coaches, and men alike.

One of the videos he did on the player mindset is a gem among all of the content on “game” out there.  He talked about the player mindset and how you can adapt it in your life.

In the post, I discuss what I got from the video, and my summary of what the player mindset is.  I give credit where it’s due, and I didn’t come up with this mindset.  However, I’ve adapted it and have only benefited from it.  It truly changed the way I view myself, the world, and my success.

Adopting this way of thinking can turn your life around too.  It can take you from a loser or an average guy to a winner.  It’s all about maximizing the cards your given and playing your hand until your last dying breathe.

What is the player mindset

The player mindset is how a player thinks.  It’s the lens through which he views the world.  Having a player mindset is having a confident view of the world that opportunities are abundant.  And that you’ll capitalize on the opportunities when they come your way.

A player will always put himself in the best position to invite these opportunities.  As he knows that the more options he has, the better.

He puts in the effort to play the game, and when the time for action presents itself, a player gets in the arena and plays.

How to get a player mindset

By now you should realizing that thinking like a player is beneficial to you.  Life is a game, so you might as well play it and make the best out of it.  But how do you get a player mindset?

  1. Affirm you’re a player
  2. Start your morning off like a player
  3. Always look for opportunities to play

Affirm you’re a player

the player mindset - affirm you're a player

The first step to adopting the player mindset is to affirm you’re a player.  Affirmations are very powerful.  Especially if you’re consistent with them everyday for months.  And even more so, put power behind the words.  Put real belief into it.  This may be tough at first.  But at least try.  You may not think you’re a player the first few days, or even first few weeks.  However, with enough consistency, you’ll began to act a little more like a player.  And then you’ll start to say the affirmations with more meaning.

The momentum effect will begin to work.  You’ll believe what you say, and then it will have more power.

Say affirmations to yourself everyday

  • I am a player
  • I am a player in the game of life
  • Life always present opportunities to play the game
  • I can see the opportunities I’m given, and I act on them
  • I am a player, and I’m aware of girls that are choosing on me
  • Action is my first reaction when good opportunities arise, whether it’s girls, my purpose, money, or otherwise
  • I am a player, and I’m aware of the work opportunities that present themselves
  • I always look for new and exciting things that will being value to my life
  • This life is a game and I will play it everyday until the day I die

And so on.  You can use these ones, make up your own, or do a combination of that.  I’d say use these and add in any custom ones depending on your goals.

Start your morning off like a player

How you start is how you finish.  If you start your day off in the player mindset, it’s much easier to make it a habit for the rest of the day.

Begin with your affirmations.  Say them to yourself with confidence and conviction.

Then walk to the bathroom like a player.  Take a piss or a shit like a player.  Wash your hands and dry them off like a player.  Like you’re too cool for this.  You’re oozing with charisma and coolness.

Going the the bathroom first thing in the morning is one of the most bizarre things I ever heard player supreme said when I first heard him say it.  Then I tried it.  And over time, this really affects how you act.

Always look for opportunities to play

michael b jordan

The next steps towards achieving the player mindset is to look for opportunities to play.  After all, the affirmations and starting off the day right are all to help you succeed throughout the rest of the day.

If you’re looking for opportunities to play, then you won’t have to worry about the player mindset.  Because you’ll already have it.  Look for opportunities everywhere:

  • During your job
  • Grinding on your purpose
  • At the nightclub
  • Walking around

During your job

At your job is not the place to try and get ass.  You should focus on chasing the cash instead of women at work.

If you’re working in corporate America, your goal should to be make money while pie start your business on the side.  Remember, players are about becoming entrepreneurs.  It’s the difference between the entrepreneur vs the employee way of thinking.

A player is trying to look for opportunities at work.  Whether it’s always looking for ways to get a new client, help a current client with their business, market your company, etc.  This will help you preform better at whatever your job is.  And the skills you gain will transfer over to when you start your own business.

Be on the lookout to win in little ways on the day to day, and to win in big ways long term.

Grinding on your purpose

how to be a man - have purpose

Every true man needs a purpose.  Your purpose is what will help you to build your real wealth.  And it will also bring you fulfillment and joy in your life.  It’s a business you own that utilizes your strengths and what you love.

When you’re grinding on your purpose, whether part time or full time, you always need to be looking for opportunities.  That can be doing Facebook ads, writing blog posts, emailing or cold calling prospects, doing interviews, and so on.  Opportunities to help more people, get more traffic, increase your revenue.

Always look for the right opportunities.  If you apply the player mindset deeply on your purpose, you’ll realize certain activities give you the most ROI (return on investment).  Once you realize the high ROI activities, prioritize them and look for opportunities to expand these to further your business.

At the nightclub

nightlife club, being in the market

The player mindset obviously applies to your dating life as well.  Whether you’re at the night club, at a dancing club, or a bar.

Be on the lookout for women who are choosing you.  This doesn’t mean be desperate or be weird, eye balling everyone and everything.  Instead it means be cool, be chill, and in your zone.  Occasionally scan the room.

When you realize a certain woman (or multiple women) are giving you eye contact, go approach the them.  If multiple women are choosing you, simply go choose the one you like the best.

Adopting the player mindset doesn’t mean you run up on every girl you see.  Instead it means you’re aware of the girls who are interested and approach them instead.

Walking around

Walking around everyday are opportunities.  Whether it’s to meet a girl who’s interested in you, get a new client for your business, or learn a valuable piece of information.

A player knows that the world is his oyster.  He’s always looking for opportunities to arise and better his life.

Abundance mentality

player with women, confident

The player mindset and an abundance mentality go hand in hand.  A player is always looking for opportunities.  But not in a needy way.  He knows they will present himself.  And he knows more opportunities will present themselves is he puts himself in the best position.

With dating options he’s always increasing his sexual market value.  That way he has greater possibilities of higher quality dating prospects.

And in business he is always learning, helping clients, and looking for opportunities to gain new ones.

He has an abundance mentality.  He knows he has plenty and will only gain more.  The player mindset insures he’ll attack the opportunities when they manifest.  Again, he’s not desperate, but he knows success is his destiny and happily takes it.

Avoid getting played

It’s not just enough to play.  You have to look for scams and avoid getting played.

Avoiding things like getting legally married, falling into massive debt, having a cheating girlfriend, or being stuck at an unwilling, wage slave job.

Once you swallow the red pill, you need to use your own awareness for your own good.  A player not only looks for opportunities to play, but he looks for traps to avoid.  He knows being a nice guy and buying expensive dinners won’t get him the pussy.

He learns that he can never be his own man and become rich when he’s not a business owner.  Instead, he can see that the producers of the world are also the richest.

The player is able to read people’s intentions.  He avoids being played by looking at the motives of other people, and observing their words vs. their actions.

The player mindset will bring you more opportunities and a better life

Just being more active and looking for your chances to succeed will in return bring you more success.

A player is cool, confident, and collected.  He knows that opportunities will come to him.  And he’s ready to take action on them when they pop up.

Adopting a players mindset can be done in a matter of a month or two.  And can only grow as you gain more confidence and have more real success.  You’ll gain more, have fun, and your life will benefit from this mindset shift.

You won’t become a stud player over night.  It takes time and effort to think like a player.  But it’s worth it.  You can condition yourself to have a player mindset.  And if you condition yourself think like a player, then you’ll get more opportunities to play.  And more opportunities is always a good thing.


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