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The Power of Indifference: Becoming Indifferent with Women

The Power of Indifference:  How to be Indifferent

power of indifference: how to be indifferent

Indifference is a powerful mindset that every man who wishes to conquer his life needs.  You need indifference to win in business, to win in the dating game, and to win in potential life threatening situations.

This article was inspired by a man who emailed me.  He said he related to a lot of my articles through situations in his own life. In his email he talks about going back to an ex girlfriend, moving in with her, and getting dumped.  He wants to develop true indifference.  In his case, he wants to feel indifference towards his ex girlfriend and females in general.  He’s concerned about her life and she’s already moved on.  She didn’t hit him up on his birthday and unfollowed him some kind of social platform. I’m guessing Instagram but unsure.

My man, if you’re reading this then you’re in good hands.  You’ll get some tough love about some things you probably already know, and a few things that will definitely help you become indifferent towards her.

And I know a bunch more of you guys will benefit from this.  I’m going to break down indifference in general and put some focus on how to be indifferent towards women and exes.

What is indifference?

Indifference means you’re not attached to the outcome.  You don’t care about something.  n the real world it’s tough to be 100% indifferent to everything.  But when you just don’t care that much, you’re indifferent.

Caring as little as possible

don draper drinking whisky, not caring

Not caring is when you don’t have any attachment to the outcome whatsoever.  In the case of an ex, this is pretty hard to do. Especially if you dated for years or any substantial amount of time. I n my man’s case they were broken up, got back together, moved in, and then she dumped him.

And right now he cares about the situation.  It makes sense.

Indifference doesn’t mean you can’t care at all.  Because that’s too high of a standard for you to have right now.  You wouldn’t care about the grass in your yard being 1.5 inches vs 1.75 inches if someone told you the difference.  But you might care a little bit abut the color of your car.  You’ll have a slight preference.  But if you’re not a car guy or just drive a commuter, you won’r really care.

And that’s what indifference is.  You might have a preference, sure.  But at the end of the day it’s not something you bother to put mental energy into.

Indifference is powerful because it’s actually achievable and going to be useful to you across your entire life.  Specifically with dating, with exes, and with new girls, but also when it comes to business. You can’t say that you don’t care at all about fucking that 8 or 9.  We all care at least a little.  But if you’re sleeping with attractive women already and are hyper focused on your purpose, you could learn how to be indifferent about it.

Indifference vs unaware

Indifference isn’t the same as being unaware.  Not knowing something is being unaware.  You can be cool about your ex cheating on you if you never found out.  But indifference would be knowing and not getting worked up over it.  You’d still learn from your mistakes in screening her as a girlfriend and/or leading in the relationship.  But you wouldn’t get super worked up about it.

In real life, it’d be tough not to get pissed about hearing this.  Indifference would be something you’d need to develop over time. Unless you already had the mindset of a pimp and were able to move on fast.

The guy I’m writing this article didn’t get cheated on, at least to my knowledge.  But getting dumped is still a hurt to the ego like that.  You feel like you’re not good enough.  You wonder why she dumped you or if her new man is better in bed.

All bad thoughts.  Recognize those thoughts do nothing for you and get rid of them.  Let’s dive into how to be indifferent with situations like this.

How to be Indifferent

emotional intelligence

Develop emotional intelligence.  Recognize when you are thinking of something that’s not going to better you, like missing an ex girlfriend or thinking of her fucking another guy.  Label that as a useless thought and throw it away.  When that thought comes up again do the same thing.  Label it as useless and simply not worth spending energy on.  You only have so much mental energy.  Trash that thought and imagine it burning.  Doing this over and over will soon help you become indifferent towards bad thoughts.

You’ll be able to take a step back and look at negative thoughts as they come up without becoming too invested in them. This is how you develop true indifference towards something.

You must stay consistent and dedicated towards catching negative thoughts and then throwing them away.  It’s okay that they come up.  Just realize it’s bad programming.  And you’re going to reprogram yourself to be indifferent towards that negative thought. T hen you’re going to be positive towards good thing.

Indifference with women

When it comes to women, you can learn how to be indifferent in two ways.

More women

how to text a girl, man texting

One is to have more women in your life.  If you’re sleeping / dating other women then it becomes easier to forget about your ex. You won’t care as much about their life.  If the break up is fresh then you might care a little bit.  But not that much.

Becoming a player doesn’t mean you need to become ruthless or treat women bad.  It just means you have a team of women you have sex with.  You can become indifferent towards women by developing an abundance mindset.  And you get an abundance mindset when you have options and are getting lots of ass.


more focus

The second way to know how to be indifferent is to have a purpose.  Your purpose takes something you love, something you’re good at, and something you can make money with.  This transforms into a business which gives you fulfillment and can make you rich.  It’s the best of both worlds.

When you care about your business, it’s much easier to be indifferent towards women.  In business you want to be indifferent towards specific deals or clients.  Still give them the best service, but don’t place emotional energy into getting one specific deal or bowing down to one client.  You still deliver the great quality service to everyone.  But you don’t want to be indifferent towards the business overall.  You want to care about it.  In fact you need to care about it.  Obsession is necessary for success.  At least for the first few years.  You can continue to be obsessed or choose to take your foot off the gas down the line.

Indifference starts with your purpose.  Because you need to care about something.

Indifference in a relationship can be obtained if you put that energy into your purpose.

You need to care about something, so care about your purpose

Being indifferent means you don’t care that much about something.  But we all need to care about something in this life by default.  If you try not to, then overtime your brain will choose something to obsess about.  The causes of indifference towards one thing, like a person or hobby, are due to the attention of a person being directed elsewhere.

Most men default towards putting that care and energy into a woman, or chasing women in general.  I say you put that focus into your business.  Then if you’re dating multiple women you can have a great time, lead relationships, and maintain indifference quite easily.  For guys in relationships, you can still care, but you’ll be able to remain indifferent to a large degree if you keep your purpose first.


how to be indifferent, Indifference, Indifferent

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