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There’s an Abundance of Women: Realize the Supply available


There’s an Abundance of Women: Realize the Supply available

There’s an abundance of women available to you if you just realized the supply.  Supply and Demand are concepts we understand in economics, yet many men fail to realize the same applies to their relationships.

You have so many options when it comes to women if you just realized the abundance available to you.

Failing to see the supply of women causes guys to get oneitis and obsess over one woman.  There’s nothing wrong with having one great woman in your life.  But when you think she’s the only one, or the best one you can get, or that it’d be so hard to get another one like her, internally you think there’s little supply.  From there you start to act weak, become desperate, and end up chasing a great woman away.

The key isn’t that you need to sleep with every attractive woman you see.  Instead realize the supply of women available to you.

Realize the Supply 

Look around at all of the women in your area.  If you live in a rural area where there is little supply, visit a city or move near one.

For those of you who live in or near cities, you’re surrounded by women.  You should never be desperate in a relationship or when talking to a woman.

The question is: How can you make better use of supply?

The supply in dating is the amount of women who want to be with you.

Whether you want to be a player or you want to find a wife, when you realize the amount of women available, you’ll realize how many options you have.

In realizing how many options you have, you’ll do better with each of the women you meet.  Because you won’t be desperate to make things work with a woman when first meeting.  You’ll get to actually be authentic.  You’ll be able to get to know her and real character.  When you’re not a slave to desperation, you suddenly see things clearly.  A beautiful woman is nice to look at, but you’re not going to overlook other qualities that are important to you.  Finding not only a beautiful but also a loving and loyal woman is possible when you realize the abundance.

When you realize there’s so much supply that you could never talk to all of the quality women in the world, you begin to act in the way that draws the kind of woman you want to you.

Only focusing on Low quality women Attracts More Low quality Women

The problem with men is they look around, and see low quality women.  They’ve only gotten unattractive women, or the attractive women they’ve gotten turn out to be hoes or thots.

And because of this, they don’t see the supply of attractive women who could actually be a great part of their life and contribute in a positive way.

You must realize the supply available.  Half the world is women.  Billions of women worldwide.  In the US there’s 157 million women.  Let’s say 5% are going to be women you find decently attractive.  That’s 7.85 million attractive women in US.  Out of those how many have decent character?  Let’s say 10%.  That’s 785,000 women.  So if 0.5% of women in the US (less than 1%) are attractive and have good character, that’s still hundreds of thousands of women.

Ignore the doom and gloomers.  Even with less than 1% of the women being quality, there’s still tons of quality women.  You just have to focus on the supply of what you want.  Not the supply of what you don’t want.

You get what you focus on

You bring into your life what you focus on.  If you focus on low quality women (unattractive or attractive but hoe-like), that’s what you’ll see.

If you want an attractive women of decent character, focus on that.

Gratitude opens the door way to Supply

Be grateful to God that he’s made you in a physically capable man.  You could’ve been born with some kind of terrible disease or disability.  But you’re healthy.  You can get in great shape if you’re not in great shape already.  Money can be made.  You can do something you love.  If you see a woman, you can actually go talk to her.  God has blessed you with supply so you can get what you want.  Nature has ensured there is no shortage for you.

The only thing that’s holding you back is your lack of realizing the supply available to you.

You don’t want to make a move, either directly with women or in your own life mission.  It’s not a lack of options that is holding you back.  Any lack of options is simply because you fail to see the options around you.  You fail to see that you can actually go up and flirt the girl you want to make a move on.

Or you fail to see that you can actually make yourself into a better catch, which will allow you to access the supply much easier.

Think of women like water.  There’s tons of water on the planet.  It’s just that you may have access to it right now or you may not.  You may live near an ocean where there’s lots of water but no fresh water.  In that case you need to have the money to have fresh water transported to you or you need to go near a lake.

How to Make Better use of Supply

There’s tons of women, you just need to make use of the supply.  Either become more valuable – in which women will come to you.  Or go somewhere where there’s more women who like you.  Either way, there’s not a lack of supply.  You’re simply not using the supply, due to laziness or ignorance.

If you live in a small town, you need to be one of the top dogs to have dating options.  So become one of the top dogs, or go to a city where there’s more women available and you can have dating options being an average dude.

Get into the zone

Making yourself more attractive, getting focused on your own success, and retaining your seed will help you realize this.  When you’re not so focused on women you enter the state where women are attracted to you.

The man who knows there’s plenty of women for him is the man whose focused on his grind.  And not only just working.  You can be rich but be bad with women.  It’s about doing something you love, something you believe in.  you can choose to work long hours but that’s not what it’s about.  It’s about being in the zone.

When you get into the zone you stop thinking too much and you just do.  That’s because you instinctively realize the supply around you and you’re making use of it.


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