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Things to make your life better that don’t cost money

Things to make your life better that don’t cost money

Things to make your life better that don’t cost money

While money invested properly can yield incredible results, there’s plenty of things that can make your life better that don’t cost money.  These things are useful for your overall lifestyle, health, and your well being.  Doing these things that don’t cost money or in some cases little money will also increase your smv in the sexual market place and boost your confidence.

1. Workout 5 times a week

traits of masculine men - the rock, muscles

Working out can be done for no money if you really want to save money.  You can do push ups, sit ups, and pull  ups from an apartment, and you can go on runs outside for cardio.  If you have a garage and are willing to invest some money you can get weights for a home gym.  Or you can make your own weights.

And if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, you can get a  gym membership.  Working out 5 times a week will  keep you physically in great shape.  You’ll consistently feel amazing for getting a solid workout in.  This will do wonders for your looks in the outer world and will do just as much for your mental health.

2. Go for a walk 30 minutes a day

I get my walks in walking around the city going to the gym, grocery store, meeting with a client, and so on.  However I prefer to be able to walk to a park and get some time there to enjoy the scenery.  Or if I’m walking somewhere, like visiting a client for my marketing company, I’ll leave early so I’m not rushed.

Walking for 30 minutes a day, especially if you just enjoy the time and aren’t rushed, will allow you to unplug from the world.  We’re constantly surrounded with a million different stimulants to our brains.   And as a man on his purpose, you’re going to be a busy man.  But between your business or your job, girls you see or girlfriends, doing errands, and improving your life, it’s good to give yourself a break.

Going for a 30 minute walk where I can just enjoy the moment has been one of the best things I’ve implemented into my life.  And it obviously will cost no money.

3. Limit your time on your phone

man smiling, texting a girl

One of the reasons I like the walk is  because I can enjoy life and not worry about all the bullshit.  Limiting your time on the phone gives the same kind of benefit.  This not only costs no money, you’ll probably save a little bit of money if anything.

Phones are great to message people, text girls, coordinate with friends, leverage social media for business or personal gain, and give you access to all of the information humans have ever gathered.

But it’s about quality over quantity.  This can be achieved by having a reason each time you pick up your phone.  It might be to respond to your a girl over text you’re trying to get at, post on Instagram, or look up an important piece of information that pertains to your business.

What you want to avoid is picking up your phone because you’re bored.  This leads to wasted time and ultimately a small, but noticeable feeling of negativity.

Less is more

But if you’re using your phone for your own benefit and you’re not a slave to it, then you’ll spend less time and get more out of it.

For example, many guys complain about Instagram and how fake people are on it.  But these these same men spend their time on Instagram just consuming other people’s content.  While this costs no money directly, it costs money indirectly because they’re wasting time.  And even worse they don ‘t even enjoy the time.

I spend less time on Instagram then most guys who post nothing, yet I have a better profile.  That’s because I post good content from my life then I get off and get back to real life.  Post and get off.

Use time on dating apps efficiently as well.  By spending 10-20 minutes once a day, you’ll spend less time, and you’ll also get girls more engaged as you won’t be as desperate messaging back and forth until the day of the meet up.

4. Cut out junk food

Eating like shit makes you feel like shit.  You’ll feel way better if you cut out all of that junk food.  And this doesn’t cost money, in fact it will probably save you money.   Now, if you want to eat all grass fed beef and everything organic than you’re probably be spending a little more on groceries.  Which is way more than worth it.

But forget that for a second.  By just cutting out all of the desserts, chips, hot dogs, and all of the other junk food you eat, you’ll feel way better.

If you can cut out or reduce your alcohol intake then this will have the same effect.  You can still have a beer or a drink with your dinner.  But drinking too much will tire you out the next morning and drain you long term.  I was never an alcoholic, but definitely found that I was drinking too much in the evenings.  Which also led to me eating more shit.  And even though I still had a six pack and a great body, I would feel tired and like shit.  Reducing my alcohol intake and junk food consumption will save you money and make your life way better.

5. Get a full night’s rest

How to have sex dreams

Sleep is a beautiful thing.  With a full night’s sleep you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.  Not getting enough sleep will make everything much harder for you.  Forget all of the things you hear about getting no sleep and grinding.  That’s bullshit.  Getting less sleep once in a while is necessary for an entrepreneur giving the situation.  Maybe you have a big product launch or some other project and you’re pushing to get it down.

But lack of sleep consistently will lead to worse performance at your job / business and a much worse life experience.  Try to get the right amount of sleep for you every single night.  There’s not glory in lack of sleep, only stress and a lower quality of life.

6. Daily tasks

Creating daily tasks that align with your long term goals costs no money.  It will give you something to focus on each day.  Any man who is serious about growing his business or just being successful even at a  job needs to have daily tasks.

Without things to do, you’ll become bored, unproductive, and will fall behind on your long term goals.  If you want to have a financial freedom with a successful business in 5 years from now that’s doing 150k+ in revenue, then you need to be doing things like facebook ads or email reach outs to get clients.  Make one of those things a task for yourself.

If you have a girlfriend, you can make it a task to have a little date after work and spend time with her with some fun food, a movie, a game, sex, etc.  Or if you’re single and a player in the game you can make it a daily task to line up a few dates for the next week.

Working out should definitely be a daily task that’s going with the overall goal of being fit, healthy, and looking good.

You get the idea.  Make daily tasks with the things you know will help you get ahead.

7. Gratitude

gratitude, happy man

Gratitude is one of the best things in the world you can practice.  And it costs no money and little time.

But the benefits are immense.  Gratitude allows you to put everything in perspective  and it makes you feel amazing.  You realize how much you have and you’re able to put your mind in a positive place.

I practice gratitude in a hot shower as this makes me feel  at peace and allows me to fully experience it.

I simply think about everything I have that I’m grateful for.  I have incredible health, a roof over my head, a great family, a business that allows me to make money doing what I love, beautiful feminine women chasing me, the ability to travel, and so much more.

You also have a lot to be grateful for.  Even if it’s just internet access, food, and shelter, you’re living better than the majority of people throughout human history.  You can use this fact to be grateful for what yo have.

Gratitude allows you to feel good in the moment, and it opens up the possibility of you accepting more good into your life.

8. Build a business

make money with passion - business man smiling

And of course, building a business is something all of you who don’t have one need to do.  Well, maybe not everyone.  Definitely a small percentage of people in the world.  But if you’re a regular reader of Rebellious Development and you’re trying to make yourself the best man you can be, business ownership is likely part of that equation.

This gives you financial freedom and control over your life.

You can start a business with no money by offering a service.  And then once you start to make money, you can invest in a better website, work emails,  business cards, and so on which all still cost next to nothing.  Once your business grows you can choose to invest in advertising or other options to build your empire.

But getting started costs nothing except time and effort.

Make your life better

Implement these things to make your life better.  Self development and improving the quality of your life doesn’t have to cost money.  You can do it for little to no money and make massive gains in your personal happiness.


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