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Think and Grow Rich: Definite Purpose + Definite Plans

Think and Grow Rich: Definite Purpose + Definite Plans

If you have the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he talks about definite purpose and definite plans on page 109.   I highly advise you revisit this page to review a few gems Hill has provided us with.  If not, I will summarize here for you.

Near the top of the page he writes:

  • “God seems to throw Himself on the side of people who know exactly what they want, if they are determined to get just that!”

And then at the end of the next paragraph he writes (in all caps)


God helps those who help themselves

We’ve all heard this phrase before.  God helps those who help themselves.  This is essentially what Napoleon Hill is saying with the first quote.  However he gives a little more emphasis on this.  What he does throughout Think and Grow Rich is exactly wha he has done here.

It’s not that it’s some unbelievable statement.  It’s something that we inherently all know.  Yet what he does so well is bring to life common sense in a way that changes the way you live your life.

Just wanting some help from God isn’t the point here.  God will help you get what you want if you’re determined to get it.

People pray to God to take away or solve their problems.  But is that how God works?  Does God just make things disappear?  Is that how life is?

If it was, what would be the point of life.  If God, or the universe, or life, whatever you call it, just did everything for us, then there really wouldn’t be much to life.  The game of life really wouldn’t exist.  And that’s not how it operates.  God helps those who help themselves.

It’s almost as if God is looking down at those who are actually making moves to get to where they want.  And then as they stay persistent in their efforts, as their faith grows, he opens doors.  Another way of looking at it is as you begin to sharpen your aim, the universe becomes like water and molds itself around you.

Definite Purpose

That brings us to the next quote, where Hill says:


He thought it was important enough to put it in all caps, so I’ve decided to post it twice.

If you really want to engrain this, do the old fashioned thing and take out a piece of paper and right this down.

It’s so simple, yet so profound.  Like the Truth usually is.  Hill is discussing here how to manifest money, but this same concept can be applied to anything.

Whether you want to make more money, get a better job, own a successful business, or whatever you desire, you must have definite purpose and definite plans.

Purpose is your reason.  What’s your reason for whatever you’re pursuing?  Why do you want money?  Or why do you want that job, or your own business?  Only you can answer this, and the answer must be authentic.  Because in order for God to throw Himself on your side, you must have a compelling reason.  If you want the universe to yield to you, you must have a definite purpose, which will cause you to become spiritually erect and allow the universe to wrap itself around you.

Do you want the business because you believe you’ll be helping people?  Do you want to have control over your life?

And how important are these things?  Will doing that job bring about some internal joy for yourself or great service for others?

You must establish what you’re doing in purpose, and definite purpose at that.

Definite Plans

Definite Plans are the next step.  In order to achieve a goal, you must have some sort of plan.  The plan need not be perfect.  You don’t need to be attached to the plan.  It can shift as you evolve and even as your purpose evolves.

But you need to have some kind of plan to begin.  And they will be definite plans.  Definite plans don’t mean that they need to be stagnant.  Instead, it means you’re committed to carrying out the plans in order to reach your goal.  As new information comes up, or as God or the universe presents new opportunities, you can adjust your plans.  But you must be definitely committed to following through on the current or future plans.

You must now create a game plan and take action.  Definite plans are not plans that you debate internally and theorize forever about.  Those are indefinite plans.

Those are perfect plans that never happen.  No plan is perfect.  But the perfect time to start on your plans is now.  Being definitely committed to your success and taking action is how you persevere with definite plans.

Sexual Transmutation 

What about semen retention?  Is retention necessary to achieve a goal?

Well, no, it’s actually not necessary.  You can use pure willpower if you simply want to achieve anything.  However, that will involve more stress, more hours each week, and it will take much longer.

If you’re willing to retain your seed, then your spiritual power will speed up the work you do dramatically.  When you retain, you have much more of your life force energy.  You can feel God or connect to the universe much easier when you stop misusing the precious life force you’ve been given.

It’s one thing to transmute ideas to reality.  When you think of getting water, that idea transmutes when you get up and go get water.

Transmutation alone doesn’t require sexual energy.  But if you practice sexual transmutation, your results will come at a much faster rate.  God will seemingly throw Himself onto your side.  Your faith in Him or your belief in the universe to give you what you desire become exponentially more powerful when you retain.

Definite purpose + Definite Plans = Definite Success

Success doesn’t have to be just a “thing” that may or may not happen.  Decide on what you want, why you want it, and then create a basic plan to go get it.  It’s okay if the plan isn’t perfect.  Definite plans are the plans you’re committed to.  And you become committed to the plans when you have a definite purpose.

To close, Hill writes:

  • “Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands, based upon the application of definite principles, and not by chance or luck.”

Being definite is the theme here.  Everything you do, do with conviction and 100% belief.

Don’t just wish for something.  Create a definite demand for it.  Apply definite principles.  Know where you want to go, and, stay on the path, and you will arrive there.


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