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Top Masculine Traits all Men should Develop

Top Masculine Traits

Masculine traits - the rock

Masculine traits are the defining characteristics that make males into men.  Not every man is exactly the same.  Even masculine men can be different and have different personalities due their natural disposition, culture, and growth.  But the traits of masculine men are the same.  Some men display some more than others.  But the masculine traits are shown by men world wide.

Masculine men can be good or bad.  Being a true man doesn’t mean you need to be an evil person.  But if you want to work on your inner and outer masculine presence, then learning the top masculine traits and making them apart of your being will make you into more of a man.

You can see masculine examples in celebrities like the Rock, Jason Statham, anti-hero’s in movies, and hopefully in your own life.

Which means you’ll get more respect from other men, more sex + affection from women, and the ability to get what you want out of life.

Persona traits

The persona traits are what you can attribute to your personality or your game.  They make up your character.  These masculine traits show themselves in your body language and the way you act, but in their nature they have no physicality.  However they manifest themselves and come to light.

You can say they’re part of your inner game.  These masculine traits are things that people see when they start getting to know you.

However, they’re vital to growth and success as a man.  While the physical traits will help you attract more pussy, the persona traits or what will actually carry you through to getting laid, leading a relationship, creating wealth, and achieving goals you have in life.

These are positive masculine traits that every man can benefit from working on.

1. Confidence

player with women, confident

One of the top masculine traits that men share is confidence.  A confident man is a man who believes in himself.  He knows he’s of high value and he pursues what he wants.  Confidence is a game changer.  It lets you talk to girls, flirt with them, turn them on in the bedroom, and even do things like dirty text when the timing is right.

Confidence doesn’t guarantee success each time you taker action.  But confidence that doesn’t fade in the face of failure eventually leads to great success.

And the best way to get confidence is to build it up.  By getting small successes, you’ll be able to become truly confident.  With girls this could be getting a number.  Or getting laid on the first date.  Or even fucking a girl properly for the first time after working on your sex skills.

It can be applied to making gains in the gym or getting better at a skill like brazilian jiu-jitsu or salsa dancing.  It applies to business and getting new clients.

The more you succeed, the more you believe in your ability to succeed.  Confidence is one of the top male traits because masculine men believe in themselves.  That’s why they’re able to achieve great things.  It takes a leap of faith at first.  But once you start seeing positive results, your confidence will rise.  And when you grow this trait, you can do anything you want.

2. The Ability to Say No

Men need to be able to say no.

Women have a hard time saying no in general.  Sure, they may seem harsh if you get rejected by one.  But even the majority of women will try to be polite about a rejection if you weren’t crude in your approach.  At work women usually hate saying no, even if it’s not apart of their job or they don’t think they should do it.  Some women can say no all the time, and these ones are generally very masculine in their energy.

Because the ability to say no is one of the top masculine traits a man can have.

It doesn’t mean you’re always looking to say no or be disagreeable for the sake of it.  But it means you say no when you want to say no.  If you don’t agree with someone you make it clear.  You don’t give them tacit consent.  Again, this doesn’t mean you need to shame someone or burn a bridge.  It simply means you say no when you want to say no.  Or you disagree when you don’t agree with how a situation is being handled or an answer is given.

3. Decisiveness

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

Making decisions is one of the traits of masculine men that many men in the west have lost.  Men make decisions.  If you’re an executive in a company, which is a masculine position, you’re constantly making decisions.  That’s basically your job.  To make decisions for your employees to follow.

It’s not about being right every time.  It’s about looking at the available information, and then making a decision and sticking to it.

Making decisions is a masculine trait that will allow you to be the alpha instead of the beta in relationships with women.  It will get you ahead at work.  Decisiveness will aid you greatly in your efforts to start your own business and succeed in entrepreneurship.

Feeling masculine can happen instantly when you make decisions for yourself and stick to them.

4. Authentic

A man needs to be authentic in his life.  When you’re able to be authentic you can live freely and powerfully.  It’s a masculine trait that’s usually forgotten.  Many people wouldn’t even considering being authentic a masculine trait.  But living authentically it’s one of the most masculine things someone can do.

Living authentically and being authentic means you’re honest with yourself.  You can see where you are and what you need to work on.  An authentic man can tell if other people are authentic too by the way they carry themselves.

Being authentic doesn’t mean you say everything.  For example, a player isn’t going to tell a girl he’s seeing today that he fucked a chick last night.  But he’ll be authentic in that he’ll let her know he’s seeing other people, and she’s free  to do the same.

He’s not lying about what he’s doing and his intentions are clear.  Unnecessary details are left out when it doesn’t make sense.  However being authentic is the easiest way to be a player.  And being authentic is one of the traits of masculine men in relationships too.  It’s much easier to lead a relationship when you’re authentic.


You’re not going to put up with shit from your girlfriend because you are afraid of starting as fight.  Because you’re not here to please her.  You’re authentic and say what’s on your mind.  Of course, you should sometimes limit how much emotion you show if you’re angry (can be used once in a while for better effect), and there will be times you need to pull back even when you don’t want to.  That’s because you actually need to have some feminine tactics as well when it comes to dealing with women.

But if you’re authentic the majority of the time, you’ll be embodying a powerful masculine trait.

5. Ambition and Purpose

ways to invest in yourself, start a business

Ambition is what causes us to get off our asses and do great things.  Creating a purpose and striving to achieve is one of the most masculine traits a man can posses.

I talk all the time about creating a purpose for yourself.  If you’re a regular reader then you’re probably almost sick of hearing about it.  But it’s true.  And if you don’t have a purpose for yourself then you need to make one.  Ideally you make a business out of something you love + are good at + can make money with.  This is the best purpose to have  because you’ll get fulfillment from your purpose as well as financial freedom.  Which means you can quit your job and escape wage slavery.

A man with a purpose has a crazy magnetic energy to him.  Girls will be attracted to you and guys will want to be your friend.

When I recommend to readers who want to know how to be more masculine as a guy, I tell them to lift weights and to get on their purpose.  Everything else falls into place more or less.

6. Responsibility

A man takes responsibility for his actions.  This is one of the traits of masculine men that separates the males from the men.  A man who takes responsibility for what he does has more masculine energy than those males who don’t.

This is has nothing to do with being moral.  Even “bad” men take responsibility for what they do.  This doesn’t mean they change their ways.  But rather it means they know the consequences of their actions.  And when the consequences catch up with them then they accept that they brought whatever it is into their life.

A man who’s responsible for his life direction will be able to have the insight to make changes and do the things necessary to get to where he wants to go.

If he’s not good with women, he won’t complain or say it’s not fair.  He’ll realize that he needs to raise his value, increase his social circle, move somewhere he has a better advantage, and so on.  Being responsible means you’re accountable for your own life, and it’s one of the most masculine traits a man can posses.

7. Willpower

natural to fight - conor vs nate

A man must have willpower.  This will enable him to keep going when times are tough.  Whether it’s lifting weights in the gym, starting a new business, getting over a bad break up / divorce, or whatever challenge there is, a man must develop willpower to come out stronger.

Willpower is what let men persevere through hardship.  It’s one of the traits of masculine men that we admire in hero’s in movies or stories.  People like Batman because he has such an insane willpower he pushes through pretty much any obstacle in his path.  You can take your pick at your favorite hero.  We all want to be like these hero’s because of their insane willpower.  If you can focus on growing your willpower, then you’ll develop one of the male traits that will make you into an unstoppable force.

Physical traits

When I’m discussing the masculine traits that we should all strive for, I’m usually talking about the persona traits.  These are the things most men lack or don’t realize they should work on to increase your masculine behaviors.  But the physical traits of masculine men are also important.  By developing the traits you can, you can increase your raw sex appeal and masculine appearance.

1. Muscular Body

traits of masculine men - the rock, muscles

A muscular body is the hallmark of what a masculine man should look like.  Whether you love Arnold Schwarzenegger or your favorite athlete, muscles make you more physically masculine.  And it’s also the masculine trait that you can control and will make the biggest different in your raw masculine appearance.

Lift weights and eat healthy.  Lifting weights will build the muscle and eating healthy (right amount of calories and high quality foods) will make sure you’re lean enough to show the muscles.

2. Deep voice

A deep voice is one of the overlooked masculine traits.  I have a naturally deep voice myself, so maybe this is me giving myself an ego boost.  But many people have pointed out my voice, to the point where even girls have told me they fucked me / liked me because of my deep voice.

There are some exercises you can do to deepen your voice.  However, it’s not going to be nearly as in your control as lifting weights and getting a muscular body.  But if you do have a deep voice, then realize that it’s an attractive, masculine trait.

3. Height

Being tall is masculine.  So if you’re fortunate enough to be blessed with height, then use that as a confidence booster.  It’s one of the masculine traits many girls love.  They feel comfortable and protected around tall guys.  This isn’t one you can control, with the exception of putting things in your shoes to give you an extra inch.

4. Facial structure

A strong facial structure can make you look masculine as fuck.  While facial structure is mostly genetics, you can make your face more masculine by leaning out and losing fat.  This will give you the best chance at having a jaw line that pops.   Combine that with jaw exercises and you might be able to develop a face/jaw that looks more manly.  You won’t make any miracles here but you can make progress.

5. Haircut and Style

good hair on a man

You style can help out a lot and be one of the masculine traits you can alter overnight.

Shorter hair is more masculine.  I like to have my hair short on the sides and a little bit on top to do something with.  Some guys like just getting a buzz cut or going bald.  Play around with it and get a haircut you like and that adds to your masculine presence.

For overall masculine style, you can never go wrong with a custom suit.  But if you’re in the west coast or somewhere less formal, it’s going to be hard with overdressing that much.

In this case I’d recommend a shirt with dark jeans and dope shoes.  A blazer can add a lot to your  look as well.  For regular day to day outfits, a v-neck, dark jeans, and a leather/stylish jacket can let you look good and be masculine.  Your individual style will come into play here a lot.

Maximize your Masculine traits

As far as the persona traits, every single one of us can develop all of the masculine traits.  This will make us masculine in our personality, game, and just the way we handle life situations.

Maximize your physical traits as well.  Lifting weights and having good, yet masculine style is the best way to do this.

Don’t focus on the physical things you can’t change.  For example, if you’re not tall then don’t worry about it or use it as an excuse.  I’m 5’8”, which isn’t winning be any awards for height.  However, I have a great body, deep voice, and am confident as hell.  I would take the extra height if I was given it no doubt, but you utilize what you have.

If you have a naturally skinny or fat body, then you’ll need to work harder.  But you can all get great bodies with the effort.

Combine that with the masculine traits of your persona, and you’re going to be a motherfuckin’ man oozing masculine energy.


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