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Trust your Instincts


Trust your Instincts

trust your instincts

As a man aiming to survive and thrive, you need to learn to trust your instincts.

The pessimist sees the world is a tough place with people looking to fuck you over to gain for themselves.

The optimist sees the the world as an incredible experience with nothing but opportunity. Your reality can be either depending on your life circumstances and your natural world view.

In order to minimize your pain and maximize your pleasure, you need to have razor sharp intuition.

You also need to follow and trust your instincts.

Whether you believe its nature or God that gave them to you is besides the point.  You have them and there’s a reason why it’s a common saying to trust them.

They won’t always be 100% right.  After all, instincts are just strong feelings you have towards something.  But use them combined with logic in order to reach the best decision.

Here’s a few instincts you should trust:

  • “Something isn’t right”,
  • “I know how to do this”,
  • “what if…”

Something isn’t right

When people talk about “trust your instincts”, they’re usually talking about uneasy situations.

You could be in a bad part of town or doing something you aren’t passionate about.

When you can feel that something isn’t right, your subconscious is picking up on something.

There’s also an equal chance that things are just obviously wrong and you’re ignoring them.

Evaluate the situation.  If you don’t feel right about something, then listen to your gut.

I know how to do this

instincts - I can do it

Not all instincts are bad!

The instinct of knowing how to do something is great.

Trust in your own abilities.  Too many guys know they can do something, but hold back because fear of failure, embarrassment, or they don’t want to make other people inferior.

Fuck that!  If you know how to do something, or know you can learn, then go for it!

This instinct is part of your drive to accomplish and do more.  Your instinct to conquer.  Trust this instinct and believe in yourself.

What if…

We only ask ourselves “what if” when there’s a feeling that we didn’t try something we should have.  Regret is the ghost that haunts old men.

What if I left this shitty relationship, what is I tried living in a different place, what if I do this, and so on.

If there’s a deep “what if” feeling, like a specific what if you want to do, then it’s best to do it.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be right, but trying will ensure you don’t regret pursuing this “what if” for the rest of your life.

If you’re asking yourself this question constantly, then it means you don’t believe you’re living up to your full potential.

What if I can’t

I can't do it

On the other hand, if you keep asking yourself the negative “what if I can’t”, then you’re worrying too much about failing.

Trust your instincts applies here as well.

Evaluate the situation and see if failure is likely.

If the cost of failure is low, then go ahead and do it anyway.  This could be approaching a girl at a club or in public and failing.  Learn not to give a fuck what other people think.

If the cost of failure is high, like quitting your job and losing all your income, then you see if there’s a better option.

Like starting a side business and generate some revenue before you quit.

If you’re always finding yourself asking “what if I can’t”, then you’re probably a fucking pessimist.

In that case you need to practice positivity and become an optimist.

The Instinct to Hunt

trust your instincts - wolf hunting

The Instinct to Hunt is one of the strongest instincts a man has.

I’m not talking about food, although this could be one manifestation of this.

But I’m really talking about a man’s instinct to go out and express himself through sheer will.

Making his desires into reality.

This is a mans sexual energy.  It’s the most powerful energy a man has, and it’s the second most powerful instinct after the will to live.

The instinct to hunt manifests itself in most guys on the sexual level.  Looking for young hot pussy to fuck.

It can also be used in other ways, for example creating a business.

Men who’ve accomplished great things in this life were are all able to use this instinct to hunt and use it on other creative pursuits.

The sexual drive you have is natural.

However, there’s enormous benefit to using it on non-sexual goals to achieve greater success.

Lost men

There are lost men who chase pussy but yet never reach a level of satisfaction with their lives.  Their mistake lies in the fact that they focused too much on a meaningless pursuit and deep down regret it.

Having sex with women and getting affection is a ton of fun.

After all, your “trusting your instincts” to hunt these women down.

This needs to be coupled with a solid purpose you create, a mission.

There are also men who can’t even get pussy because they waste their sexual energy on porn and video games.  Our sexual energy is there to get us to go out and reproduce, but it also pushes us towards building and creating.

A big part of learning how to be a man is figuring out how master your own instincts to become a producer.

You do this by focusing your sexual energy towards a life meaning, a purpose.  You’ll feel more satisfied mentally, emotionally, physically, and on a deeper instinctual level.



trust your instincts

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N'Kruman Santos
N'Kruman Santos
4 years ago

Nice post. I’ve been reading your posts sinceramente yesterday. You are a certeza good writer and a teacher. Wish I could Know a bit more about your story.


N’KRUMAN from Angola.

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