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Understanding Value: What CEO’s and Pimp’s know

Understanding Value

value - ceo - businessman

Every powerful man understands value.

Value is simply what people hold as important.

There are things you hold as valuable long-term and short-term.  Different people also value different things at varying degrees.

Why should you care about value?

This might seem boring, but it’s one of the most important posts on RD.

If you understand value, then you can get ahead in life.

It comes down to understanding what other people want, and what you want.

If you identify what you want, then you can make a game plan to get it.

And if you understand what other people want, then you can use that information for your own (and there) benefit.  Or for your own and their pain, which I don’t recommend.

Failing to understand what drives you and what you want will leave you frustrated and confused in life.

What do you value?

I know what I want.

Which is

  1. Financial freedom and wealth
  2. Health
  3. Great body
  4. Beautiful women in my life
  5. Solid relationships with family and friends
  6. Location Independence
  7. Positive affect on other men and people in general
  8. Legacy long after I’m gone

You probably want all of these things, if not most of them as well.

As men, it’s in our biology and driven into our core to want a lot of these things.

Yet even knowing that, we still want them.

But if you don’t recognize that you want these things, you won’t actively chase them.  You’ll subconsciously chase them and only get part of the results.

However, if you actively chase them then you can achieve much greater success in all these areas.

CEO, Pimp, and Military leader

Successful, powerful men know how to use value.

They know their own values, and can figure out the values in others.


Steve Jobs, long term vision

The CEO constantly evaluates what the market values.

That way we can develop product and services that keep customers paying him.

When the market has a shift in what it wants, he can adjust his business accordingly.

He also must address what his employees value.

He does this to attract the best talent and get them to make him rich.

The difference between an entrepreneur and an employee comes down to a superior awareness of what others value.

The employee cares about what he wants, and what his boss wants, because he doesn’t like getting yelled at.

But the entrepreneur has to care about what the world wants.  And if that entrepreneur becomes a CEO of a bugger company, then things become complicated quickly.

A CEO is a master at figuring out what others want, if he can provide that, if he should provide it (is there ROI), and how to provide that.

Be it customers, employees, partners, or even competitors, the CEO is a master of understanding value.


gorgeous dre - pimp

Pimps understand what women want at a higher level then any other man in the game.

They are masters at perceiving deception from women.

They reverse the game and instead deceive women.  Because pimps know what the hoes value.  The majority of women that are willing to sell themselves for sex are in desparate need of a father figure.

In essence, the pimp is the father figure the hoe wishes she had.

Most pimps don’t even protect their women from Johns who hit or attack them.  And they take all the money the hoe gets from fucking dudes.  They treat her lesser then himself.

Pimps don’t fall in love with their hoes.  Because they know what they’re really about and can ready them well.

They’ve mastered female psychology and know how to use it to get money.

I’m not recommending becoming a pimp, or saying that it’s an easy life.

But the example of a pimp and his understanding of value has to be respected and can be studied.

Gorgeous Dre

Check out this video with former pimp gorgeous dre talking about the power of value, and valuing yourself as a man

Military Leader

military leader

An officer in the military also understands the importance of value.

He must know what the mission is, which is what is superiors and country values.

He needs to know what his men value to motivate them.

And he needs to know what the enemy values.

This can be used to find a truce with them, or be leveraged against them in war.

How to leverage value in life

You can leverage what others value in order to get what you want.

You do this by helping people get what they value.

Since business/money and women are probably the two biggest areas in your life, those are the two areas I’ll cover.


In business, it’s all about what value you can provide.

How much you can demonstrate is how much your business is worth.

Provide value to customers

Your customer are the core of your business.  If you have no customers, then you have no revenue.

And you don’t have much of a business.

If you give them what they want, they’ll give you money.

As an entrepreneur, you can start  a business and give customers what they want through a product or service.


This something customers buy and they use it on their own.

It can be a physical product like a vacuum cleaner.  It can be a digital product like an ebook or video course.


A service means you’re giving customers what they want by doing something for them.

In this context, you will often call them clients instead, as a client is someone you work with on a regular basis.

I use the term interchangeably on RD, but there is a slight difference.

Employees and Partners

It’s not just your customers, but also your employees.

You have to give them what they want, like money, so that they work for you.

Your business partners are going to want something too.  Whether it’s a percentage of the company, or if they’re part of another company then some sort of agreement like more traffic, joint deals, etc.


man bored on date

Women want many things.

Such as status, looks, money, dick game, social life, leadership, and so on.

The more things you can provide, the more women you’ll get.

If you have all of them, then you’ll attract all types of women, from sweet girls to the hottest but shady gold diggers.

The key to success with women is to look at what you find valuable.

Then figure out what the type of women you want find valuable, and provide that value.

If you want A, and A wants B, then you provide B, and you’ll get A.  Simple.

Are you looking to be a player or playboy?

Then you need to be at least decent looking, have style, extreme confidence, great dick game, and so on.

That’s what the women who are looking for a player will want.

Are you looking for a sweet girlfriend?

Then you need to have money / stable income (to a degree, no need to be rich), good communication skills, confidence, and varying levels of looks depending on your age and how hot of a girlfriend you want.

Or maybe you want to cure your oneitis and get over a girl?

You need to create your purpose, focus on that relentlessly, fuck more women, lift weights, and get back in touch with your boys.

Are you looking to fuck girls way out of your sexual market value?

Then you just need to have money, and be willing to spend $500-$1000 to pay the hottest girls in your city to fuck you.

Figure out what you want out of women.  Then develop a strategy to provide that value.

I don’t necessarily mean actually become a provider in this case.

But even a player is giving a woman something she wants.  Which is good dick, good conversation, and a rollercoaster of emotions.

Give value to get what you want

give value to get what you want

People aren’t just going to give you what you want.

Even if you’re a good looking guy and a girl wants to blow you, she’s getting what she wants by hooking up with a hot guy.

It’s not always about how much effort you put in, but the results that the people get.

Your clients don’t care if you spent 2 hours or 10 hours on the strategy for the marketing campaign, they just want it to work.

That being said, if you aren’t providing any value now, then you’re going to have to work more at first.

In this article, I’m giving you what you want by providing free content that you can apply.

I’m not getting anything back right away.  But over time, you might buy one of my products or hire me to coach you.

I say this because the work you put in right now on yourself or your business won’t give you the results right away.

But if you keep grinding and stick to it, you’ll build up more worth in yourself.

Then you can provide value to others just by being around them.

And of course, you can look at situations in your life to see the best ways to get what you want by looking at what others people want.


ceo, understanding value, value

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