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White Knight Syndrome: Watch out for the self destructive cuck

White Knight Syndrome

White Knight Syndrome

White knight syndrome is a common sight in men these days.  It’s important to notice white knight syndrome so you’re not a white knight yourself.  But even more so, as I assume many of you reading this aren’t, that you’re able to see it in other men.

You can have friends who are beta or who aren’t good with women.  That’s fine.  I have nothing against virgins or men who simply don’t wish to date.  However, you should do what you can do avoid white knights.  Don’t be friends with them, and if you must deal with them at work or with family, don’t get too close to them.

What is a white knight?

A white knight is a man who says he believes in equality for women, but then actually puts them on a pedestal.  He’s so thirsty and desperate for female validation that he’ll side with women on any issue whenever he gets the chance.

Standing up for a woman who’s being attacked or bullied by a man is one thing.  I believe in standing up for people and being a man.  I don’t defend men who hit women.  That’s some fucked up shit to attack someone who can’t defend themselves against you.

That’s not what a white knight is.  A white night will defend a girl when it’s not necessary for the sake of sucking up to her.  He thinks he’s justified and is getting the validation he wants.  This never works.  The women he “sticks up” for generally think he’s a loser, and only take the support to help with their own argument or position.

The white knight will also try to “save girls”.  Meaning that he’ll try to wife up women who have openly been on the cock carousel for much longer than the average woman.  He’s desperate for sex and for females to accept him.

Do everything you can to avoid these men as friends.  Because they’re not even men, they’re just males.

Traits of a white knight

If you can see these traits, then you’ll have an easier time identifying and not associating with men who suffer from white knight syndrome.

  1. Always dates troubled women
  2. low self esteem
  3. Sticks up for women when they don’t need it
  4. Puts the pussy on a pedestal
  5. is more excited about marriage than women are
  6. shames you or others for not wanting to get married

1. Always dates troubled women

The man who suffers from white knight syndrome always dates troubled women.  That’s if he’s even able to date.  As most white knights barely get to have any pussy until women start to get older and need a beta.

Many women are troubled.  But the white knight will date the worst of the worst.  He’ll have a tough time dating high quality women to begin with.  White knights also feel the need to save women.  So he’ll go after the most troubled women he can and try to wife them up.  He’s hoping he can save them.

These women know this and make the white knight suffer for his mistake.

2. Low self esteem

nice guys will never win

A man who’s always sucking up to women no matter what has low self esteem.  Especially when it comes to his value as a man and his smv.  Since he has no self esteem, he needs female validation to make him feel better.  And not just like a regular man.  He needs a lot of it since he barely gets any.  You can see how thirsty white knights are just for a woman to say hi to them or like a comment they make on social media.

Low self esteem is a bad thing to have in general, and by itself it doesn’t mean a man has white knight syndrome.  But all white knights have it.  And if he has any of the other symptoms, then he surely is a cuck in the making.

3. Sticks up for women when they don’t need it

This is fairly self explanatory.  In fact, when you see a man stick up for a woman when she doesn’t need it, then you know you’re probably dealing with a white knight.  It’s pretty much the biggest giveaway.  After all, it’s basically the definition of a white knight.

I’m not talking about an old lady, pregnant women, or your girlfriend who is being picked on.  You should stand up for women when needed.  As a man in a relationship, that’s part of your role.  Women want a man who will protect her from other men.

But that’s not what I’m talking about.  White knights will defend women online or in social situations just to get on her good side.  The women could be having a discussion / argument with a man, generally something to do on the topic of gender.  White knights will try to defend women or be a hero when the women is not in any kind of danger.

4. Puts the pussy on a pedestal

pussy on pedestal

White knights put the pussy on the pedestal.  Most of them don’t ever get pussy.  And the ones who do get it on occasion if they’re lucky to date a toxic woman who is cheating on them with a Chad.

Part of the reason the guy suffers from white knight syndrome in the first place is because he worships the pussy so much.  He thinks it’s gods holy treasure.  Women don’t even like the fact that white knights do this, but they’re generally take any support they get in debates from them.

5. More excited about marriage than women are

A man who’s more excited about marriage than a woman is very likely to be a white knight.  This goes back to the idea of saving a girl.  White knights view marriage as an opportunity to save a girl.  Because he’s marrying her and giving her resources, he thinks she’ll love him forever.

The thought process is so different from how women operate that it’s not even describable.

A regular beta might just want to get married to have a family like his ancestors have before him.  But the white knight is obsessed about getting married.  It’s a bad sign when the man wants to get married more than the woman.  And that’s exactly what the white knight is like.  He looks forward to the day where he can lock this girl down.

Except marriage won’t keep her locked down.  She can still cheat or divorce rape you.  But these cucks just won’t look at the statistics or think that they’re above them.

6. Shames you or others for not wanting to get married

To take things a step further, white knight friends will try to shame you for not getting married.  Social circle pressure is strong.  It’s to he expected that your mom wants you to get married.  Or the girl you’re dating wants to get married.  But men trying to pressure you into marriage?  That should never happen.

Yet if you have a male friend who’s trying to push you to get married, you can rest assured knowing he’s a white knight if there ever was one.

Avoid having white knights as male friends

less time with the boys

White knight syndrome males should be avoided.  There’s no need to make friends with guys who are so thirsty that they’ll side with a girl just because she has a vagina.  If you were truly about equality, then you wouldn’t take a side just based on that.

But shouldn’t you try to red pill a white knight?

If you have a friend who’s a white knight, then it’s usually best to cut off the friendship.  You can try to red pill him if he’s open to new information.  That being said, white knights are usually set in their ways. They’re not just men who aren’t good with women.  They’re men who aren’t good with women who also have no self respect.

If you have a friend who acts like a white knight or shows some symptoms, but he’s not full blown, then you can try to red pill him.  But if he turns out to be a true white knight, then he could later try to ruin your reputation if you’re in the same social circles.  It’s up to you.

At the end of the day, you can try to give him some knowledge if you think he might have a chance at seeing the truth.  You’ve been warned.

Worse than a regular beta

The average beta still puts women on a pedestal.  But he won’t sell you out or screw you over for a woman if it comes down to choosing sides.  However, a white knight will take sides with a random girl he barely knows over you if he feels that will give him a chance with her.  Even thought he won’t get any, you still need to watch out for this.

If toxic masculinity exists, then it’s when a man has such low masculinity that he gets the whit knight syndrome.  Avoid these men like the plaque as friends, as they’re extreme need of female validation can lead them to attempt to betray your friendship.


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