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Why are most women hypergamous?  Are All Women subject to cheat?


Why are most women hypergamous?  Are All Women subject to cheat?

most women hypergamous

Are most women hypergamous?  Can every girl cheat on me?  I got asked these two questions by a reader who was worried about ever finding a girl he can settle down with.
I dislike the term “settling down” because I think it gets men in a state where they think they can “finally relax and not have to be in the game”.  This is dangerous because even in a relationship you need to be in the game.  Not cheating on your girlfriend, but actually leading the relationship and maintaining your masculine energy.
However, I get where the concern comes from.  With the world the way it is, it can be fun to be a player.  You can sleep with girls on apps like tinder fairly easily, or go out in any major city and find girls who may even pursue for sex.
Things have never been better for a young man looking to stay single.

When you want a relationship

But when you do want a girlfriend, like many of the guys who write to me, the current world can seem like a double edged sword.  With all of the hypergamous ways of jumping to the best cock available, you might wonder if all women are hypergamous?  Or if any girl can cheat on you?
I know a few of you want to be players for life.  However a solid percentage of you guys just want a relationship.  And I’d say the majority go between phases.  So if you’re going to consider a relationship or even taking a girl seriously, it can be important to look at and admit the facts.  Taking the red pill means that you need to look at the world the way it really is.

The answer

Women are the biggest players

The answer is yes.  At least to a degree yes.  Most women are hypergamous… actually all women are hypergamous.  All women can potentially cheat.  Women  want the best option they can get.

Being hypergamous just means you want the best option you can get.

And we all want the best option we can get.  Men included.  However, while some women will just hop onto the next guy with higher sexual market value, it doesn’t always work that way.

But why are most or all women hypergamous?

Every woman wants the best option she can get.  Just like as a guy you want the highest quality women as possible.
It’s just nature.  That’s how the human species has evolved and survived.  Mating with the best option, at least perceived option, means that your offspring will likely be healthier, stronger, and more likely to keep the species going.
But because all women are hypergamous, it doesn’t mean they will always just hop on the next best dick.  Some will for sure.  However, if a woman thinks that she can lose you and not get the other guy committed, she may not hop onto that dick.  Because then she could end up without a father for a potential child and be worse off.

Does that mean any girlfriend will always cheat?

Choosing the right girlfriend

Every person is hypergamous.  Every single of one of you wants the hottest girl with the best personality you can get.  Women want the best looking, most masculine, richest, and charismatic men they can get with the biggest cock.
But it doesn’t mean every girl will necessarily cheat.
For example, if you have lower out-worldly smv, but you have good masculine energy and great sex skills in relationship, it’s likely your girl won’t cheat on you with the local d-list celebrity.  Especially if you chose a girl with a low amount of red flags.
She may flirt with him if he approaches her, and she could cheat on you, but it’s also possible she stays loyal.
If you were beta in the relationship it’s possible she cheats  even if she’s never cheated on a man before.  So yes, all women are tempted to jump to higher quality men.

Not always 

But it’s not a guarantee they will.  This has partially due to her morals, and more importantly your role in the relationship and how she feels about you.  For single women, they could easily jump to the next most valuable man they can get.  Or more likely they might fuck with multiple men.  A woman you’re fucking might blow you off to fuck with a higher smv man she usually doesn’t get a shot with, but still meet up with you later.
However, if you have a girlfriend whose the follower in the relationship and whose in love with you, then it’s also possible she doesn’t just cheat on you with the next guy with her smv.  Because for women it’s all  about how they feel.  Even if you think another man has more value, you may make your girl feel a certain way about you.  And therefore she may think your value is higher.  This is called having game, but in a relationship it’s even more vital to have this.

Men are also hypergamous in a sense

how to be a player - build a pipeline

Men are also hypergamous in that we’ll always go for the best option we can get.  When we’re single we’ll fuck the hottest and most feminine chicks that are willing to fuck with us.  If we’re in relationships we may cheat with a hot chick if it’s an option, or we may stay loyal.
It’s not the exact same for men and women, but many of the overall concepts are actually very similar.
Hypergamy is usually talked about with women.  But it just means as humans we want the best option for us to reproduce.  This goes for both men and women.  It’s evolution, as the better mates we pick, the better chances our genes get passed on and we spread our lineage.


However, if we really like someone, like a girlfriend or a boyfriend, then we might seem them as the better option outside of just raw smv.
So yes, women are subject to hypergamy.  But a man you might think has more smv than you may or may not have more smv in the eyes of your woman depending on how on love with you she is.  A high smv man will always be attractive to her, but you this doesn’t always mean she’ll cheat.
If you chose a girl who has decent morals (doesn’t mean she’s a unicorn), you fuck her the best she’s ever had, lead the relationship, and keep her feminine, it’s very likely she stays loyal to you even if higher smv men try to get at her.  Because in her eyes, you might have more value than those guys.
Looks, status, and money are extremely important for attracting a woman initially.  But it’s your game / sex skills / dominance / relationship management that will determine how much she becomes invested in you.  All women are hypergamous, but your woman might think you’re the best man in the world if she feels so in love with you.

I thought all women are like that?

AWALT is true.  All women have the potential to cheat or monkey branch.  It’s happened to men of low and even high smv.
She could or could not, but it’s a mixture of how much higher the man is in smv is and how in love with you she really is.  If she’s not that in love with you and you’re terrible at sex, weak in the relationship, she could even cheat on you with a lower smv guy.  That’s happened to celebrities before.
Because like I just said earlier, it’s your looks, money, and status – aka your outer sexual market value – that help attract women initially.  But it’s your relationship management skills that will determine if she becomes way more attracted and invested in you or if she loses interest.
Not to say you shouldn’t try to maximize your value in the sexual market place.  You definitely should.  But it’s not the end all be all.  And women aren’t totally logical like you.  She’s not going to ditch a guy that’s an 8 for a guy that’s a 9 if she’s only been with a few guys and is head over heels in love with her man.  She may like to look at the 9, but she may not want to risk losing her man.

Hypergamy is real, use it to your advantage


Yes, hypergamy – the ability to always want the best option – affects us all.   Especially women.  And women are less likely to settle than men.  So it’s far to say it affects women more on average.  The ability to decide to stick with someone or not is an ability humans have that goes beyond most animals, with the exception of some other mammals.
But our animal instincts are strong and often get the better of us.  Use hypergamy to your advantage by becoming a high smv man that she doesn’t want to leave.  And if she does, you know you can replace her.

Always be Ready to Move On

Masculine traits - the rock

I hear guys talk about how they wish they had a relationship around loyalty like men of the past, either their parents or grandparents.  But we live in a different era.  There wasn’t a million options to meet people, women didn’t have the same economic mobility – cheating had a much bigger consequence as they could end up homeless – and more importantly, men of the past were stronger.
Many of these men were willing to walk away if their woman cheated or was showing signs that she was prone to monkey branch.  And because they were willing to walk away, many of these women didn’t want to risk losing their man.  Therefore they stayed together and had a “great, life long” relationship.  Of course many of these men were married but didn’t have to worry about divorce rape like we do today.
If you can enjoy your relationships but always be focused on your own purpose, then you’ll have no problem keeping your girl or getting a new one.  Hypergamy is real.  That’s why you should make yourself the best option in the outside world to give yourself options, and have your inner game / relationship skills strong so any girl whose with you won’t want to fuck up.
Have her worry about you cheating or getting a better woman, not the other way around.


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2 years ago

Can you explain why an Alpha guy would go back to his ex girlfriend who went behind his back as a prostitute (Isn’t that cheating?) to have a kid with her? He said that she also left him shortly after his sister died . The ex said that the guy cheated as well. Is this healthy ? This guy seems Alpha, and since he was said to cheat so much, he obviously had other options.

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