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Why Having a Girlfriend makes you more Attractive


Why Having a Girlfriend makes you more Attractive

Having a girlfriend makes you more attractive to other women.  Being surrounded by or having other in women in general makes you more attractive to the ladies.  However, being in a relationship in particular can cause other women to chase you.

Should you take advantage of this?  No, however I wanted to address this point because one of the fellas asked me about this.  He said that when he’s single it seems like he is required to work hard to get women’s numbers, get  dates, and so on.  But whenever he has a girlfriend, it’s like all of the girls suddenly want to hit him up.   He’s confused by this because he’s loyal to his girlfriends and isn’t looking for the attention.

Where were all these girls when he was single? 

Now that he’s got a girlfriend, all of these other women want him.  I’ve experienced the same thing, as I’m sure many of you have as well.  It’s because having a girlfriend makes you more attractive to other women.  The women who had high interest had super high interest now.  It makes other women who might’ve had medium or low interest take another look at you.

“Oh he has a girlfriend?  She’s actually really pretty?  Actually he’s pretty cute, why didn’t I notice that before?”  Are the types of thoughts women who previously looked away will think.  Even new women you meet will look up to you more tan if you met them and you were single.

Women like men who get other women

It’s part of the dating game.  Use it to your advantage.  A lot of guys want to hide their girlfriends.  If you aren’t attracted to your girlfriend then you shouldn’t be with her.  Given that she’s attractive to you, you should show her off a bit.  Not  in a needy way.   Not too early on and never too much.  You’re still the prize.  But show her off once in while  if you want to leverage hypergamy to your advantage.  Because this shows the world you are:

  1. desired by another woman
  2. willing to engage in a relationship
  3. un-obtainable

1. Desired by another woman

Having a girlfriend makes you more attractive because women want the man that other women want.  Simple as that.  Lots of guys try to sneak around and not be caught with women or with their girlfriends. Some guys in relationships think that tis will cause other girls to be un-attracted to them if they’re ever single in the future.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Women are more turned on when they see that other women like you.  When you have a girlfriend, other women then see you as a man who gets women.  This is sexual social proof that another woman is willing to have sex and invest in you.

To women, this means you must be worth something, and if your girlfriend is hot or beautiful, then it means you must be worth a lot.  For as much as women say they don’t want of be measured by their beauty, they measure other women by their beauty.  And they measure men by the quality of woman he’s seen with.

2. Willing to engage in a relationship

A man whose willing to engage in a relationship is also attractive to women.  It’s not that they don’t want the bad boy.  But women want the handsome, masculine, successful guys whose good with women but chooses to be with one.  They can usually never get that so they settle for the alpha players and then later the betas.  However, the ideal man is the man whose confident like an alpha, but whose willing to settle down like the typical beta.  Essentially, they want an alpha whose willing to be with them.

When you have a girlfriend, and you’re not a total chump, women will fantasize that you could be that guy for them.

3. Unobtainable

We want what we think we can’t have.   Having a girlfriend is so attractive to women because you’re unobtainable.  You got a girl.  Assuming you’re loyal to her and you two have a good relationship, you’re off the market.  And whatever isn off the market is always more desirable to those in the market.

You carry yourself Differently 

And you also carry yourself like a player.  Even guys who have never been players in their lives get this energy when they’re in a relationship with a woman.  Especially if they love their woman and they’re having sex regularly.  If the man is having sex with his woman and isn’t looking to cheat, he’s going to be chill as fuck all the time.

He’s not going to be thirsty around other girls.  He’s not going to be nervous or act weird.  Because, he’s loyal to his girlfriend and he’s getting his balls drained.  Since he has no need for other women, other women therefore will have a need for him.

Players who see many women are similar to this.  If a player is actually seeing multiple girls, he won’t be desperate for new girls.  He will act different in the sense that he’ll still approach and talk with women.  But the player doesn’t need women.  The guy with a girlfriend / wife whose happy in the relationship won’t approach women, but women wish he would.  Because he’s getting sex and feminine energy on a regular basis, he gives off a vibe that women want.  And because they can’t have him as mentioned earlier, their desire for him increases.

This why when you have a girlfriend, it seems like every girl wants you.  But when you’re single, you have to work a lot harder to get dates, get laid, and so on.

Should you cheat on you girlfriend?

While some men will do this, this is a bad move.  If you’re going to cheat on your girlfriend then you damage your character as a man.  Either break up with her or don’t cheat on her.

Don’t be afraid to show her off

Don’t be afraid to show your girlfriend off on social media once in a while.  Not every post needs to be her, but once in a while post a picture of the two of you.  If you have a high quality girlfriend, she deserves some validation like this here and there.  Believe it or not, no validation whatsoever isn’t healthy in a relationship.  So give her a shoutout when she’s a good woman for holding you down.

Also, this signals to other women that you’re in a relationship and not afraid to express it.  Especially if your girl is good looking, this will make you more desirable to those women should you ever be single.  I don’t think you should “line up” other girls when you have a girlfriend.  You should have a real relationship and not cloud it with DM’ing girls.  Knowing that other girls that follow you find you attractive and as an option is more for giving yourself validation that other women want you, which gives you an abundance mindset, rather than for actually getting that those girls.

You shouldn’t look to flirt with other girls, but it feels good when other girls check you out.  The fact that other girls like you, even if you intend to do nothing with them, helps you stay level headed and not scare away your girlfriend by being too desperate.


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