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Why men shouldn’t masturbate: Stop beating off

Why men shouldn’t masturbate

Why men shouldn't masturbate

Men shouldn’t masturbate all the damn time or ever.  Many of your problems with women and your career come from masturbation habits.  Not all directly of course.  You can beat off and still be successful in life.  But for the majority of guys, masturbation is something that holds us back.  Fucking ourselves with our hands holds you back as a man.

Masturbation is bad for you

Masturbation is bad for you.  I’m not going to judge you guys for it.  I don’t think masturbation without porn is nearly as bad as using porn.   Let’s be clear on that.  But it’s still not ideal.

I used to masturbate often as a teenager and in my early 20’s.  It did nothing for me but hold me back.  Thankfully I stopped watching porn when I was still in high school, which was earlier than most of my friends.  That allowed me to actually meet beautiful girls in real life and go after the things I wanted.

Hopefully none of you are watching porn.

Take it a step further and cut out masturbation.  In my own life, cutting out masturbation has allowed me to harness my energy for much greater things.  Until I made a conscious effort to stop, I didn’t realize how much life force I had that I was wasting.

Masturbation holds you back

Masturbating holds you back in a variety of ways:

  1. Kills the natural drive to go meet women
  2. Wastes your semen means you can’t transmute your sexual energy
  3. Makes you feel like a bitch

1. Kills the natural drive to go meet women

How to get over an ex

Masturbation kills your natural drive to go out and meet women.  Especially if you’re masturbating to porn, which kills your sex drive.  You get unrealistic expectations from women that you don’t see in the real world.  It messes you up in the head.

Your physical desire to go out and meet women also in drained from you.  99% of you guys who masturbate aren’t practicing semen retention.  If you were, masturbation could be a waste of a little bit of your time, but you’d still have your sexual energy.  However, that’s not the case for the guys with a masturbation problem.

Especially if you’re beating your meat once a day, let alone 2 or 3 times a day.  You never have your full sexual energy available.  Which means your desire to go out in the game and be the most confident, powerful, sexy version of yourself is gone.  You waste that energy and dump it into a napkin or a sock.

2. Wastes your semen means you can’t transmute your sexual energy

I know a lot of you come here because you want get a girlfriend, or want to lead your relationships.

But your career is more important if you don’t have that handled.  Ideally you create a purpose for yourself.  Something that you enjoy, are good at, and can make money with.  Then you can use this purpose as a business that can make you six figures and guide you to financial freedom.

It’s hard as hell to do this, and it will take a few years of crazy work before you’re finally free.  It’s all worth it.  Nevertheless, it takes a lot of dedication and energy to get on this path.  You need all then energy you can get.  Which is why you need to keep your seed in you.

When you’re always masturbating, you’re always tired.  You don’t have the energy to work full time at your job and come home and work another 3-4 hours.  You’re wasting your weekends when you should be working on Saturdays and Sundays until you’re financially free.

You need all the energy you can get.  That’s why nofap, which is a term to refer to as no masturbating, is becoming popular.  Some men will exaggerate the affects acting like it’s a drug with all the energy you have from not masturbating.  But there’s a lot of truth to it.  When you stop wasting your seed, your body behaves differently.  You have way more energy and focus that you can direct towards your success.

Masturbating all the time will keep you on low energy levels.  You won’t have the desire or drive to go after the things you really want.

3. Makes you feel like a bitch

Inconsistent sleep cycles

You know you deserve more.  Masturbation is a bitch move.  A grown man shouldn’t be masturbating.  He shouldn’t be cumming on his hand or on a paper towel or some bullshit.  He should reserve his seed, or at least use it with a woman.  Withholding your seed during sex is powerful because then you maintain all of your energy.  But even if you do cum during sex, mentally you feel satisfied.  And this can stem into success in other areas of your life.

But masturbation robs you of that.  You feel like less of a man because you know a man shouldn’t be masturbating.  He shouldn’t be fucking his hand.  He should be working on his business, having sex with a woman, or at the gym.  And deep down you know this.  That’s why you feel bad or at best neutral when you masturbate, but good when you have sex.

Masturbation without porn isn’t nearly as bad, but still far from ideal

All of you guys better not be watching porn.  That is terrible for you.  It’s garbage for your brain.  Masturbation without porn still isn’t ideal, but it’s much better than what most guys do.  Which is beat off to porn.  That’s what so many young men are hooked on today, and it’s making men weak.  Do not watch porn, it’s going to rotten your brain.

One exception for masturbation

I did say in the title there’s one exception for masturbation.  And that’s for the men who are trying to last longer.  If you consistently can’t last long during bed, then you need to work on your stamina.  I’ve mentioned edging before as one of the methods.

If you can’t last long during bed, then you can practice edging in order to build your stamina up.  However, you’re not busting at the end so you’re maintaining the semen inside.  And you’re also not watching porn or jerking off to pictures of women.  In this instance, you can masturbate.  However, limit it to 2-3 times a week and combine it with kegel exercises in order to get better control

Grown men need to stop with masturbation

Masturbating is for teenagers.  As a full grown man, whether you’re 18 or 45, you shouldn’t be masturbating.  The exception is to build up sexual stamina if you’re having sex with women but cum too quickly.  Ideally if you don’t cum at all.  However, that’s for another article.

No watching porn, ever.  And stop wasting your seed.  Stop beating your meat.  Leave it alone.  You’ll realize how much better sex is when you don’t beat off all the time.

Masturbation kills your sex drive and makes you feel like a bitch because you weren’t made to masturbate.  Your sexual urges were designed to make you go out in the world and meet women, not release your potential offspring into a napkin.  Men shouldn’t masturbate because it’s a cop out for what men should be doing.  Don’t waste your energy, time, and manhood on fucking your own hand.  Go out in the world and do the real thing, and use the energy you have to build a business that will give you financial freedom.  Use all the energy you’d lose from masturbation to make six figures or meet a girl you like.  Don’t throw away your manhood.


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3 years ago

Please tell the solution what to do. Can I hitout at gym?

Reply to  Rebellious Development
3 years ago

U told us what will happen if we do like that.but u ll always suggest solutions but it here it is missing. Please tell us solutions and steps to do as u do normally.

3 years ago

Semen renteion crew checking in
i’m on about 50 days so far but i do have one question for you. The problem i have is i end up cumming during sex way too quickly when i’m on a long nofap streak. It’s something that’s almost unavoidable, i don’t edge as i believe it’s just harmful as going the whole way, still depleting dopemine when you edge. So what’s the solution?

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