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Women hate beta males: why girls will never love a weak man


Women hate beta males: why girls will never love a weak man

Women hate beta males.  Alphas have no respect for beta males.  Even other beta males don’t like beta males, accept for when they need some other company.  Betas will get along with betas because they need to, but they all wish they could live the life an alpha does.

Alpha is simply a position.  It’s the position of being a leader in it’s raw form.  And it’s also the energy you have.  A follower can be humble and have alpha energy if he’s trying to work on himself and become a leader.  For example, you could be 18 or 22 and just getting a new job.  You’re technically in a beta position.  But if you’re lucky to have an a boss whose a strong leader, yet ethical and respectful towards you, then you won’t be a beta bitch.  You can learn from him and still have alpha energy in a way.

This usually isn’t the case, as many bosses are in an alpha position and will treat you badly.

However, the point is that you can be beta in life and work on yourself and become an alpha.  With women, you have the natural advantage.  You can become alpha with women much easier than you can become alpha in your work, which requires you to start a business.

If you’re an alpha with women, you get respect and sex from tons of women.  And there’s less alphas today than ever before in history.  Throughout most of history, most men who made it to manhood were masculine.  Many more boys died, and many teenagers and young men killed each other or were killed in war.  The value of a man was much higher because each man was much more masculine and there were less men than women.

However, in today’s age, there’s a surplus of men and they’re beta as fuck.

Women despise the beta male

Women despise the beta male.  They love the alpha male.  They may say they don’t or complain about the bad boys.  But that’s only because they can’t get enough.

The bad news is that for all of you betas, you’re fucked.  You’ll never have any success with women if you stay the way you are.  A small percentage of men get all of the women.  You must understand why women don’t like betas if you want to have the motivation to change.

Why girls will never like a beta

Women hate beta males and will never show him true love because she:

  1. Can’t respect him
  2. Turned off by him
  3. Can’t look up to him
  4. Can’t make her feel feminine

1. Can’t respect him

Girls can’t respect a beta male.  Beta males, by definition, place more value in women or a specific woman than they do themselves.  An alpha male wants to have multiple women or even have one woman.  He likes sex and affection.  But he doesn’t value it over his own self respect.

The beta male values pussy more than himself, which leads him to act in ways that disrespect himself.  Women also pick up on this.  Women react to the energy of a man.  When she’s around a beta male, she can’t help but feel not respect for him.  At least not like an alpha.  Maybe she can have basic respect as a human being.   Even then, many women will have none for him.  Because women are fed up with betas and their weak energy, many have no respect for a beta at all.

And if a woman can’t respect a man, she can’t feel attraction or love for him.

2. Turned off by him

making a woman submit - her not interested in sex

A ball-less man turns a woman off.  Women hate beta males who turn them off.  Especially when he’s a thirsty beta who won’t leave her alone.

The alpha male will pursue women.  But when a woman shows no interest in return, he moves on to other women.  He’s already fucked a lot of girls in his time.  And he has a rotation of fuckbuddies he can hit up for sex.  He knows he’s valuable in the sexual market place.  So if a woman isn’t showing him any interest, he’ll walk away and be cool with that.  He knows that even though he’s a stud, not every girl will like him or see the value.  One girl whose an 8 might not dig you, but another girl whose an 8 or 9 might find him sexy as fuck.  The alpha has the abundance mindset.  Meaning he actually has an abundance of options.

The beta male can’t even fathom this.  He chases a woman and turns her off more and more.  He doesn’t get the message.  And even with women that might’ve liked him at first, he still ruins it.  He’ll chase these women too hard because he’s so thirsty.  Yet he won’t make a real masculine move.

Women hate beta males who have no sex appeal, no social awareness, and become too desperate to get ass.

3. Can’t look up to him

What a woman really looks for in a man is someone she can look up to.  I don’t just mean height wise.  But actually a man she can look at as a role model.  That’s why you guys need to be on your purpose.  When you have a purpose, you’re going to develop a powerful energy about yourself.  This is one of the quickest ways to become alpha and get that alpha energy I always talk about.  You don’t become an alpha male over night, that takes motherfucking work.

But if you create a purpose for yourself and stay consistent with your grind, you’re going to become 10x the man you were before.

A purpose will bring you financial freedom and fulfillment in life.  And even before that happens, the women in your life will see the changes.  They’ll see a man they can look up to and admire.

Women hate beta males because a beta will never inspire her to do anything but look for a better man.

4. Can’t make her feel feminine

Stuck in my Wife's Friendzone: Becoming a beta in marriage

A masculine man puts a woman into her feminine state.  The more a woman likes you naturally, the more feminine she’ll be around you.  The more masculine you are, the more feminine she will be.  I prefer to deal with feminine women as they’re easier to deal with and naturally like me more already.

However, even a masculine women – given she likes men sexually – can be feminine around a masculine man.  The alpha male makes her feel feminine because of his strong presence.  He’s strong and steady like a rock.

The beta male can’t do this at all.  He’s a bitch.  He is weak in his masculine energy.  The beta has more feminine energy, feminine thoughts, and feminine ways of moving.  A beta make is emotional, which means the women can’t be emotional herself and doesn’t have that rock she wants in a man.  This translates to the woman having to be the masculine figure in the relationship.

This is how you get toxic relationships.  When the woman takes over as the leader.  An alpha male either would maintain his leadership position or leave the relationship if his woman was trying to take over.  Either way, the woman would be put back in her feminine energy.

Women hate beta males who lack the balls to stay in the leadership position, if they ever had it to begin with.

Will women date beta males?

Yes, there’s some hope for the beta males out there.  Women will date some beta males.

They do this when they’re trying to get over an alpha male and do it as a break.  Either a break from fucking a bunch of alphas or as a break from dating an alpha.  The beta male will get his turn eventually, when the woman needs to heal from the alpha.  Some women will also wise up once they hit late 20’s or 30’s and want a man that will accept her for what she is.  The beta male is safe, women go to them for security.

So what’s the bad news for the beta?

Women hate beta males.  They may go to them to recover from the alpha.  But that’s what she’ll always go back to if she can get her hands on one.  That’s what all women want.

The beta ends up destroyed.  She’ll end up dominating the relationship and leaving him / divorce raping him, or she’ll just make his life miserable if she can’t monkey branch to a better beta or an alpha.

But the beta male will do whatever he can  to keep her happy in the hopes of keeping his prize.

Beta is a position, don’t play the beta role

can money increase your smv? or make you beta bucks? jeff bezos

Don’t play the beta male position, you’ll always lose.  And don’t become a beta male within a relationship.  Maintain your manhood.

If you’re going to have a girlfriend or wife, then you can have a good relationship.  But you need to guard the man and stay in your masculine frame.  Keep her feminine, stay focused on growing, and be the man that women love.  Then you’ll have other options.  You don’t need to exercise these options and cheat on your woman.  However, she needs to see that you don’t need her.  Then you can stay in the alpha position, and both of you will be happy.


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