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Women want a Stubborn Man


Women want a Stubborn Man

Women want a stubborn man, because this is the nature of the alpha male.  Being stubborn is masculine.

The only difference between being stubborn and being determined is the connotation.  If you don’t like someone’s decision, you’ll say they’re stubborn.  And if you do like their decision, you’ll say they’re determined.  The same goes for you and how people label you or refer to you and the decisions you make.

Becoming Stubborn will make you successful with women and in life

In fact this is what will propel you to massive success in business, your career, and any goals you have.

I’ll use the women example as a way to draw you in and because it’s easy to see, but this applies to your purpose as well

A Stubborn Man is a Man of Principle

Especially in your relationships with women.  The women who are attracted to you, whether they admit it or not, want a masculine man.

Whether you’re in a 5 year relationship, a 20 year relationship, or you’re just trying to get this girl over to your place for 1 night.  Women want leadership from you.

When you can confidently make the decision, even if it’s not the decision se would make (it never will be), she’ll be happy to follow your lead.

The vast, and I mean vast majority of women would rather go to hell if a man leads her than go to heaven, but she has to lead the group.  Of course you should lead your women to a happy place and want the best for their well-being.  But the point is that they want a leader.  This is why women like men they complain about. They like the stubborn man.

Being stubborn is the act of Make Decisions Early and Stick to them

Successful men make Decisions and stick to them, and are slow to change

Unsuccessful men take a long time to make decisions, and are quick to change


Of course you can’t be stubborn all of the time.  You will need to compromise to a degree in relationships, in business, and in your approach to success.

But being too loose with your energy, being too much of a “anything goes” type of guy is the definition of the modern beta male.  The non-decision making, lack of principle having, “either way is cool with me” attitude is what leads guys to mediocrity.

Yes, you need to have conversations with people and come to conclusions that benefit both of you.

However, you also need to have certain principles you stick by.

Values like integrity, respect, courage, and bold action.

Positions like the leader in your romantic / sexual relationship, leader of your company, leader of your household.

Respect Positions of those Superior to you

And if you work a job and have a boss, you need to respect the fact that the boss has a superior position to you.  You don’t have to like it.

You can work on your side hustle and escape.

But you need to have things that you stand by.

When you value the position, you’re much more likely to put yourself in a spot where you have that position, or you’re subjected to those in that position.

Many men talk badly about their bosses behind their back, yet they say nothing to their face.  They don’t like their boss, and they also don’t respect the position.  Which means they don’t value the principle of independence and freedom.  A man who values independence might not like his boss, but he understands and respects the position.  And because of this, he’s willing to put in the work so he can be in that position at the company, or start his own business.

Lack of stubbornness means you don’t have values that you stick to.  You have values, as everyone does, but you haven’t clearly defined them for yourself  and therefore you don’t consciously hold them dearly.   Which means you’ll be slow to make decisions because you have no basis to make them off of.

When you have values that you stick to – like respect, integrity, discipline, logic, productivity – you are quick to make decisions and slow to change them.

Stubbornness means that you make a decision and it takes a lot for you to change course.

Can stubbornness backfire? 

Yes it can.  That’s why you need to have enough stubbornness towards your goals and te way you conduct your life, but also realize that you don’t know everything, and therefore need to have periods where you’re more open minded.

In fact, while there is now a lack of masculine men, the reason the world has so many problems throughout human history is the conflicts created by stubborn men.  How many strong men thought they were right, or wanted to dominate others, and therefore waged war, or misused people?

Being stubborn isn’t a moral thing.  You can make a decision and stick to it, and it can be a good decision, it can be a bad decision, or somewhere in between.  But you need to be stubborn, or in the positive vernacular, determined, if you want to get the life you want.
Let me be clear – being stubborn doesn’t mean that you’re right.  You can make a decision and stick to it, and it could be a bad decision.  But in this game of life if you want to

  • Get anywhere in your career or make a positive impact through your purpose
  • Have healthy relationships with women where they consistently value you and look to you as the leader
  • Put yourself in the position that a man deeply desires to be in

Then you must be a stubborn man.

What to be Stubborn about

Be stubborn about

  1. your purpose
  2. about the position you put yourself in with relationships
  3. and the way you handle your time

What you can be less Stubborn / More open minded about

You can be much less stubborn with issues you know little about and that have less day to day impact on your life.  Be less stubborn about new areas you’re learning about but have yet to gain enough knowledge or experience.

For example, if you’re training to become a doctor, it makes sense that you’d be open minded to a lot of information from various sources.

But if you’ve been a doctor for 40 years, and you’ve seen 1000’s of cases of heart conditions, and someone is telling you some bullshit how working out is bad for your heart, you’re going to be “stubborn” in their eyes because your assessment is that they need to workout and eat healthier.

You may still be open to new research as there are always new insights and advances, but you’re slow to change proven methods that you know have worked unless there is very strong evidence.

Meanwhile, a younger doctor or medical student might be more easily swayed, as they should be, because they are as set in their ways.  The beginner can and should have a more open mind so they can  absorb information.  And the expert can and should have more of a closed mind, in order to protect + continue to share the knowledge they’ve already gained.  Both are needed.  You don’t need to be stubborn with decisions that have little to effect your life.

Better to be Stubborn than be Weak

However, when in doubt, when it comes to the way you live your life, it’s better to be more stubborn than less.

A lack of decisions – and a lack of sticking to decisions – destroys your masculine energy as a man.  You can have a relaxed attitude with people, it’s not always about intensity, especially if it’s not about your purpose / career.  But you still need to make decisions.

I use food all the time.  Let’s say it’s close to dinner time and you have a girlfriend / wife:

  • You: Hey babe let’s get dinner at 6
  • Her: Okay, what are we getting?
  1. Beta / lack of a decision response: “I don’t know, what do you want?” or “I’m good with anything, what do you want?”
  2. Alpha / stubborn man / man who makes decisions response: “Let’s get tacos (or pick whatever you’re in the mood for)”

Make Decisions and Stick to them

You don’t have to be intense 24/7.  Just make decisions and stick to them.

Being too loose or being nonchalant about everything kills your manhood.

This turns women off.  It turns off business partners.  It turns off the energy of life.  God is turned off by your lack of decision making.  In a harsher environment, Nature would’ve punished a lack of decisions or slow decision making with suffering and then death.

Women want a man who makes decisions and sticks to them.  Your clients and customers want you to be stubborn so you stick your promises and deliver what you said you would.  God blesses those who persevere and complete what they set out to do.  Nature rewards the determined.

Use the data you’ve been given, then use your logic to make a make decision.  Unless presented with new information that is extremely convincing, stick to your decision.  That’s the way of the stubborn man.  Being stubborn, when you have some common sense, is what will propel you to success.


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